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Ceo of Nejat Society pens letter to the German Embassy in Tehran

Ebrahim Khodabandeh

His Excellency Ambassador Hans-Udo Muzel
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Tehran Iran

Your Excellency
Greetings and Regards

On behalf of the Nejat Society in Iran, I would like to draw your attention to an important issue regarding the annual meeting of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) in Berlin in June 2024.
Nejat Society represents the families of members of the MEK who are trapped in a remote and isolated camp in Albania. The MEK does not allow its members to communicate with the outside world, especially with family and friends.
According to people who managed to escape from this camp, the most basic human rights of the members are violated and the European Convention on Human Rights is systematically violated in the MEK camp in Albania.
You may know that on June 20, 2023, the Albanian police tried to search the MEK camp in Albania with a court order. Members of the MEK were ordered by the leaders to violently resist the legal actions of the police and were ordered not to allow the police to take away the computers and servers undamaged.
The result was that a large number of people were injured on both sides, and one member of the MEK who had a fake identity died of a heart attack (Abdul-Wahab Faraji-Nezhad, known as Commander Afshin, with fake identity documents under the name of Ali Mostashari). The MEK falsely claimed that the Albanian government did this with the cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
This is despite the fact that this organization has used the hospitality and facilities of Albania for 7 years and has systematically targeted the physical and psychological security of its trapped members and their waiting families from Albania. Similar cases have happened in the past in Iraq, US, UK, France and Germany. They have always created problems for the host countries.
You should also know that this terrorist cult is not allowed to hold its annual meeting in France, which it used to perform every year, and Albania, where it has a large presence, and other countries also prevent the entry of Maryam Rajavi, the leader of this cult after Massoud Rajavi.
Giving the leaders of this destructive cult the opportunity to hold a deceitful conference does not send a message of friendship to the families of the captive members. In fact, the message received is that the German government supports the criminal leaders of a terrorist group. This group has imposed forced celibacy, female vasectomy, forced labor, and other violations of the most basic human rights on its members.
It is surprising for the painful and suffering families that the German government allows a terrorist cult that does not show mercy even to its own members to hold a conference and rally. The MEK is a group that, due to the violation of human rights of its members and terrorist and cultic activities, is rejected even among other opposition groups of the Islamic Republic.
We call on the German government to reconsider its decision and instead question the leaders of this organization as to why the most basic human rights of its members are violated in a remote and isolated camp with no external control over it.
With respect
Ebrahim Khodabandeh
CEO of Nejat Society
Tehran – Iran

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Ambassador Hans-Udo Muzel
Ferdowsi Ave., No 320-324, Teheran.
P.O. Box 11365-179, Teheran, Iran.

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