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Nejat Newsletter No.114

Nejat Newsletter No.114

– Former MEK child soldier recounts the bitter story of his aunt
Maryam Banoo Torabi is a member of the MEK, which is known mostly through her brothers. She is the younger sister of Ghorban Ali Torabi and Nade Ali Torabi. Ghorban Ali was a dissident member of the MEK who was killed under the torture of the commanders of the organization, and Nade Ali is a member of the Nejat Society who has been appealing the blood of his brother and the release of his sisters from the bars of the Cult of Rajavi.

– Red Notice for MEK leaders, all wanted by Interpol
The 13th session of the court hearing the accusations of 104 members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK), as well as the nature of this organization as a legal entity, was held yesterday Tuesday, May 28th, at
the 11th branch of the criminal court of a province of Tehran, presided over by Judge Dehghani.

– 3th MKO hearing held in Tehran
The third session of the new round (thirteenth session) of the hearing on the crimes of 104 members of Mojahedin Khalgh organization, as well as the nature of the organization as a legal entity, began on Tuesday, in the eleventh branch of the criminal court of Tehran …

– Children Recruited and Exploited by the MEK
A large number of children are being trafficked by terrorist and violent extremist groups around the world. The International bodies may believe that this is a new phenomenon but the truth is that the Mujahedin_e Khalq (MEK) began using children in its conflicts at least four decades ago. Amir Yaghmai is one of those children. He reveals how he and about three hundred of MEK’s children were brainwashed and recruited by MEK commanders.

– Letter to the ICRC
also request you to remind the responsibility of the government of Albania to comply with the human rights convention of the Council of Europe and ask this government to firstly remove the ban on giving visas to Iranian families of members of the MEK to travel to Albania and secondly open the doors of the camp in Albania to families and the free world ..

– Atefeh Sebdani: May Day, Child Labor in the MEK
What is May Day for you? For me, pure pain. That meant jobs, child labor. When everyone else was
free, cozying up and enjoying the warm rays of spring, we were up early accompanied by orders and tasks until it was evening again. And if the sun came out, which it usually did on May 1st, we came home ex-hausted with burnt noses..

– Hamid Orafa and Yaser Akbari Nasab, two suicides on two ends of the MEK
Hamid Orafa and Yaser Akbari Nasab were two of child soldiers of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK). Teenagers who were unintentionally involved in the MEK due to the way of thinking of their Mujahed parents. The shared bitter fate of both of these teenagers was self-immolation. Amir Yaghmai, former child soldier of the MEK has recently discussed the cases of Hamid and Yaser who were his friends

– MEK’s American paid speakers, according to former child soldier
Mohammadreza Torabi, a former child soldier of the MEK, again confirmed the previous documents and narratives of Western journalists about the paid speakers of the group by publishing a document of the payment of a large amount of money to an American military general in exchange for a speech on behalf of the MEK.

A compromise between witnesses, plaintiffs, researchers, prosecutor’s representative and plaintiffs’ lawyers After twelve sessions of the trial of the leaders of the Mujaheidn-e Khalq (MEK) in Criminal Court No. 1 of Tehran, the thirteenth session of the court will be held soon. During the previous sessions, indictments were presented for the MEK as a legal entity and 114 defendants, all of whom are high-ranking members of the organization. Statements of some eyewitnesses, families of victims of MEK-led terrorist attacks and former members of the organization were heard.

– Aldo Solullari to introduce Nejat Society to Albanians
Aldo Solullari, Media manager of Nejat Society Albania addressed the audience in a video conference. As an Albanian activist of Nejat Society’s office in Albania, he introduced the society, its mission and its activities. Read his recent on-line speech which was in Albanian language, published on Nejat Albania’s You Tube account..
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