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Nejat society Letter to Albanian ambassador in Tehran

Your Excellency,

It was a pleasure to hear of the relocation of 14 residents of Camp Liberty, Iraq to your country. These individuals were the first group of the 210 who are supposed to be received as refugees in your territory after they could manage to leave Camp Liberty.

Appreciating the generous humanitarian act of your state, we should be pleased to inform you that over a year after signing a memorandum of understanding between the UN, the US and the Mujahedin Khalq Organization, physical and mental condition of liberty residents is deteriorating every day. As an NGO that has been merely founded to help the families of the MKO members in order to contact their loved ones, we find it our duty to work for soothing the worries of these suffering families whose beloved children have been away from their mother land for years. We might be able to ease the pains they bore during these years of separation. Their demand is the minimum basic right of a human.

Mr. Ambassador

Members of the cult of Rajavi (the MKO) have been not only physically deprived from the standard living convenience and their lives have always been at risk of dangers, but also they have been mentally exposed to a guru-centered totalitarian leadership.

We earnestly ask you to provide a situation so that families of the fourteen refugees could be able to contact them by phone or letter. To facilitate such humanitarian contacts, Nejat society is ready for tight cooperation with you by every means.


Nejat Society

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