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Everyone left this sect over the years CAN’T be regime spies

The new documentary Children of Camp Ashraf was screened at the Gotenborg Film Festival in Sweden

When I was little, this happened.

Now I’m grown up and not much has changed, however the “Resistance Movement” I grew up with has been formed into a group that ticks all the checkboxes for what you can call a cult.

Over the years, many of us have asked questions without getting answers.

What have the Mojahedin actually done in these enclosures for 40 years?

What are they doing? What have they achieved? What does a week look like? So, purely actively, what have they done purely in terms of change for the better, which they claim?

To me it looks more like a group whose leaders just want to act and look grander than what they are on the outside.

the majority of the people in Iran nor the Iranian diaspora outside want them to come to power if the Iranian regime were to fall.

It would rather be a nightmare.

After talking to a lot of dropout parents in recent years, my conviction is unwavering.
The Mojahedin needs to be disbanded

And the Swedish state needs to examine why and how it turned out like this with and for many of us children.

I take part in the documentary because every time one of us criticizes the Mojahedin, rumors spread like wildfire that she is a spy for the regime.

BUT PLEASE RARA – everyone who has left this sect over the years CAN’T be regime spies.

How would that even be possible?
Watch, spread, ask and change.

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