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Nejat Society Letter to France Ambassador

Dear France Ambassador in Tehran,
Six years ago, French Police, under the order of interior ministry, attacked Mujahedin khalq’s base; in a village Parisian suburbs called “Auver Sur Oise” and could infiltrate the camp using explosives they discovered about one hundred satellite dishes; millions of Euros, and various documents. This operation was launched by one thousand and two hundred (1200) security agents and eight hundred (80) counter terrorism squad members. At that time the then interior minister of France announced that MKO’s base had been established for Logistical, organizational and financial objectives. And this reached its summit after Saddam was over thrown and Masoud Rajavi was disappeared and his wife Maryam Rajavi ran away and also when the group was disarmed by US army in Ashraf base, Iraq.

Therefore the group moved its base to France to find another way to carry out its terrorist, spying, sabotage acts under the cover of Refugee’s Rights. As the officials of your interior ministry stated “since 2001, one hundred and ninety-five various operations of the group had been guided from Auver Sur Oise. And all this resulted in arrest of Maryam Rajavi by French Police. After a few days, Maryam Rajavi was released but her juridical file remained open. And now, as we are near the sixth anniversary of this clamorous day; we expect your country to work on this file again and not to let the leaders of this terrorist group stay free.

As the result of recent terrorist acts in Zahedan – a city in west-south of Iran- that caused a lot of innocent people’s death or being injured. And as you know the group of “Jundullah” under the leadership of a man named “ Rigi “, claimed that he had used the information given to them by MKO; and this had become clear ;we expect your country to notice the matter. As a former member of the group I witnessed all inhuman actions of the leaders for ten years and I am ready to take part in any court to reveal their crimes. I expect you, dear ambassador, to let your officials hear my voice and not to witness the growth of such version of Al-Qaida in the world.

Sincerely Yours,
Mohammad Reza Pirnazari

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