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MKO agents arrested in Tehran riots

Tehran – Agents of the terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) have been found and arrested among the agitators of Tehran streets in the past few days.

Arrested people have confessed that after being trained in Iraq, they have infiltrated into Iran and that they were guided and supported by MKO operation room in Britain.

Iranian television broadcast their confesses and their telephone conversations with a number of leaders of that group in which they ordered them for sabotage like setting fire on buses, gas stations, attacking the Bassiji barracks and demolishing public properties.

The commanding headquarter of the group which supports and finances terrorist actions in Iran and Iraq is located in the outskirt of Paris, France.

The British government removed the group’s name from the terrorist group list last year, so that they could expand their centers to guide operations in the country.

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