Confessions of arrested MKO members in recent disturbances

I was trained in camp Ashraf how to set fire to buses and attack the military bases

confessing to direct communication with MKO terrorist groupAccording to Political correspondent of Fars News Agency, after confessing to direct communication with MKO terrorist group, the two arrested members of MKO in recent disturbances in Tehran stated that they had been trained by this terrorist cult for launching terrorist operations and creating unrest and insecurity in Iran after the elections.

One of these MKO elements in detention said during confessions: I was trained in Camp Ashraf which is the MKO headquarters in Iraq for 3 months and learned how to use weapons, burn down buses and attack the military bases.

The other detained member also pointed to his direct communication with MKO base in England and said: Someone named Zohre constantly called me from London and followed up issues such as burning governmental centers and armed struggles and I did what he wanted me to do.

Detained members of MKO terrorist group in recent disturbances expressed a wide range of information that specifies the details behind much recent unrest. More detailed reports in this regard would b publicized in near future.
Translated by Habilian Association


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