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Evidence on MEK’s unpopularity

Rented Crowd at teh MEK's so called gathering in Paris- July 2023

There are numerous facts on the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK)’s unpopularity, not just among ordinary Iranians but rather among Iranian dissidents and opposition figures, and this unpopularity is growing.

For the MEK, this Summer did not begin properly. Their headquarters in Albania called Ashraf 3, was raided by the Albanian State Police. The camp’s residents clashed with forces violently. The Move by the Albanian police came after the French government banned the group’s planned annual gathering in Paris.

The MEK could finally run its multi-million-dollar rally based on a French court order, but it could never play the part of a popular opposition group against the government in Tehran. Several undeniable, clear key points are seen regarding the news, reports and pictures that have been published since the MEK’s gathering, which indicate that the Cult of Rajavi is not considered an opposition group, but it is regarded a fraudulent force that has targeted Western politicians. The followings are some true facts on the MEK’s unpopularity:

Albanian government turned its back against the MEK

The Albanian State Police entered Ashraf 3 under the Albanian judicial order. The Police confiscated more than 200 computers from the MEK’s camp. This shows the government’s determination to end the perilous presence of the MEK in the territory. It seems that the group is seriously under scrutiny by the Albanian authorities. Eventually, The Albanian President, Edi Rama said, “Mujahedin must leave Albania if they want to fight Iran.

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Forced Hijab

During the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran, forced hijab of female members of the MEK and particularly their so-called president elect, Maryam Rajavi, not only distanced the group from other opposition groups but also it stimulated their hatred towards the group. Signs of a suppressive and totalitarian system are demonstrated in the uniform clothing of the group members.
An evident presentation of hijab control in the MEK was revealed in a video broadcasted after the Albanian Police raided the group’s camp. A Mujahed woman, named Homa is advised by her peer “sister” to cover her hair -of which a little is shown out of the front part of her headscarf. When Homa does not pay attention, she gets a direct order to cover her hair from a superior “sister”. Finally, Homa who is speaking a rather good English to the Albanian reporters is coerced to cover that small part of her hair.


Rented Crowd

Rent a crowd is the repeated scandalous image which is often seen in the MEK’s rallies. The frequent undisputable presence of a rented crowd that was once more displayed in the group’s recent gathering in Paris. The crowd includes Muslim Mideasterns who look for shelter in Europe, African refugee seekers, poor students from Eastern Europe and other fooled people who look tired and bored of waving the flags of a country that they might not have any idea about.

Rented Crowd at teh MEK's so called gathering in Paris- July 2023

Rented Crowd at the MEK’s so called gathering in Paris- July 2023

Other Iranian oppositions

Opposition figures have several times declared their detachment from the Cult of Rajavi clearly. The group’s violent background, its collaboration with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war, its cult-like attitude, undemocratic structure and forced hijab are main reasons for opposition groups to denounce the MEK.

The fact was even considered by the French Police when it banned the MEK’s gathering. According to France 24, there is a fear among European officials that after the 2018 foiled plot, NCRI rallies could themselves be targets of attacks, but in the letter seen by AFP, The French Police chief also warned: “The rally could be the scene of tension between supporters of MEK and other Iranian opposition activists.” The fear of the French Police Chief is quiet reasonable because clashes between the MEK supporters and demonstrators of other Iranian exiled groups frequently take place.

A few days later, Alireza Akhondi the Iranian-Swedish politician, twitted, “It is necessary to convey to world politicians that the People’s Mojahedin Khalq organization does not speak on behalf of the Iranian people.”

Akhondi’s words and numerous other assertions by Iranians inside and outside the country is a proof for the loneliness of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi despite their deep pockets of dollars to expend for buying supporters.

Mazda Parsi

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