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Scandal in Presenting Fake Evidence

Websites linked to the terrorist group of MKO, along with its satellite TV channel, published the news of Moahmmed Dayinee’s interview with Al-Jazeera news channel and claimed of an unprecedented revelation on Iran’s interferences in Iraq!

Mohammed Dayinee, a member of Iraqi parliament, accused Shiite members of Parliament and introduced them as Iranians.

Trying to prove his claims by raising a stink, Dayinee said Mr. Ramahi, a Shiite member of parliament, was an Iranian!

He even went further and claimed that Ahmed Chalabi was Iranian and to prove his lies he said he’s a photo of Chalabi showing him in Iran being welcomed by Revolutionary Guards!

However, the worst part of his lies were expressed when he showed pictures which had nothing to do with Iraq. One of these pictures, also published earlier by the MKO, shows former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami visiting Ebrat museum in Tehran beside a model of a man being tortured by Savak agents (this photo had been taken by Mr. Abtahi)

He also displayed some photos as the proof for Iran’s interference in Iraq.

It should be noted that in the latest common plot of MKO-Baath supporters, Iraqi Shiites has been introduced as Iranians or the ones who are paid by Iran. Therefore, MKO websites widely covered Dayinee’s lies.


Iran didban, February 10, 2007


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