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MKO-Baathists Alliance

Three years after evident interferences of terrorist cult of Rajavi in Iraq’s affairs- with the assistance of Baath remnants- it has now become clear that this alliance has been influential in Iraq’s unrest. Meanwhile, Iraqi elites warn about the plans of the cult of Rajavi and its supporters, who are seeking a religious and ethnic crisis in Iraq.

Hassan Al-Alavi, Iraqi researcher and elite, in an interview with Al-Hurra TV channel, pointed to the Baathists’ use of MKO and said: "Why do the sunnis, who are against Iraqi Shiites, go and ally with the Iranian MKO. This is a political war and it’s not based on religious vision or ideological principles. In this conflict, each side uses its tools to blow the other side."

Abbas Al-Yasseri, author and analyst, criticized some Sunni MPs’ use of terrorist group of Rajavi and said: "Some people use the MKO, which is a terrorist organization and is known for its role in the previous regime. This group has now central role in plotting against Iraqis and in religious differences. Some TV channels and failed newspapers help this organization. It holds conferences and interferes in Iraq’s internal affairs. What’s surprising is that some MPs take part in the conferences of this terrorist group in Brussels and Paris. One of them, who is the leader of a Parliament’s fraction, said they had common goals and principles with the MKO. I think this person is putting himself in the corner of the ring when he forgets, or pretends that he’s forgetting, that the MKO has been designated by the EU and many other countries of the world as a terrorist group. In this way, he is making alliance with terrorists…."

Also, Sheikh Sabah Al-Saedi, Member of Parliament from Coalition List asked for the removal of Mohammed Dayinee’s immunity. Saedi said: "Following Dayinee’s comments and his support for armed group, a number of MPs have asked the parliament to review this proposal. These comments and his position will lead to terrorism investigation."

The revelations on extremists who use the MKO as a leverage has increased to the point that news wires announced that coalition forces have asked international police to arrest Mashan Jaboori. "Coalition forces issues arrest warrant for him, citing his TV channel’s support for terrorist groups".*




* All reports quoted from IranLiberty website


Irandidban –  2007/02/17

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