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The Death Verdict Repudiating Assertions

Since the very beginning of the multinational forces’ settlement in Iraq to the Saddam’s pronounced death sentence, MKO have been making big claims of appreciating the existing empathy between them and Iraqi people. Two years ago, they first announced to have procured the support of 2,800,000 Iraqis. Then they continued to claim:

– tens of Iraqi political factions considered MKO’s presence in Iraq as legal and in accordance with People’s just demands

– any decision concerning MKO guaranteed Iraq’s strategic democracy and that its stay dammed the emergence of another Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq

– they enjoyed advocacy of hundreds of Iraqi lawyers and intelligentsias

– to have summoned the support of 5,200,000 Iraqi people, each vote representing 5 people

– to have support of many tribe sheikhs and chieftains

– to have established a strategic alliance with Iraqi people

– and ….

But Mojahedin have never taken any position against the Baath regime. They never referred to the key issue of who has been responsible for the violation of Iraqi people’s basic rights and crimes against people and dissident clerics and intelligentsias. Voicing for peace and democracy in Iraq, MKO has absolutely forgotten the center cause of all the past predicaments long plaguing Iraq.

Moreover, while Mojahedin’s feeling of loyalty forbore taking insubordinate stance against the ousted dictator, they, pretending not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, refrain to stay on an indifferent line. They protested against the Iraqi Constitution and made indirect threats to escalate insurgencies, through the statement issued by 25 Sheikhs of the Dialy province, in case the Iraqi government expelled them. They condemned al-Maliki’s government and advertised its incompetency especially in controlling the armed insurgents and tried to escalate the ethnic and religious tensions to reinforce the US further stay and domination in Iraq.

Undoubtedly, Saddam loyalists and the remnants of Baath Party’s activities to restore Saddam’s rule is believed to play a crucial role in the expansion of the tension, something Mojahedin crave for. MKO’s silence over Saddam’s announced death sentence that drew the jubilant Iraqis into the streets antagonizes its previously claimed solidarity with people. If possible, it joined the insurgents to condemn the verdict as it yet believes in Saddam to be its strategic alliance. Saddam was only tried for the 1982 killing of 148 Shiites in the city of Dujail. The world would develop a better understanding of MKO and Saddam’s complementary collaboration if the ousted dictator’s further crimes, including the Kurds suppression, are brought before the tribunal.

Those in the West who repeat Mojahedin’s claims of receiving Iraqi people’s support should come to know that Mojahedin’s strategically contradictory conduct well justifies falsity of their assertions. Those who believe that Saddam’s sentence might put an end to Iraq’s black era do not need much speculation, seeing MKO’s silence and passiveness, to picture Mojahedin’s virtual play in the extension of disorder and tension.

Omid Pouya – November 9, 2006

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