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The Bare Facts vs. the Elusive Claims

Of the important news of the past weak was the announced death verdict against the Iraqi ousted dictator. Making Iraqi people yell jubilant cries, the sentence at the same time perturbed the remnants of Saddam’s devotees and those who had secured a collective strategic alliance with him. The accomplices who during the past three years of his fall preferred to remain silent over the Baath Party and whom they persisted to respect not less than president.

The deliberate silence occurs at a time when MKO wrestle with the encountered predicaments in Iraq by taking advantage of the internal chaos and the deepened rift between the opponent factions and al-Maliki’s government. Mojahedin’s propaganda machine has never stopped dispersing the threats that democracy in Iraq is unattainable unless through the support of Mojahedin as it was advertised through the statement issued by 25 Sheikhs of the Dialy province. Enticing a few local papers, Mojahedin promulgated to have summoned the support of 5,200,000 Iraqi people and proceeded to proclaim to have bolstered supporters in some provinces. But Mojahedin’s silence, in contrast to peoples unanimous approval, on Saddam’s trial and death sentence has reached a juncture where their contradictory attitudes surface.

People will never forget Saddam’s crimes and the heavy price they have paid for his tyrannical rule although not all his crimes done against people can possibly be brought before the tribunal. These untried crimes might sink into the historical oblivion but his accomplices, especially Mojahedin, can be pursued to unveil facts on genocidal cases like that of the Iraqi Kurds and Shiits. The absence of Massoud Rajavi at the moment might fill Mojahedin with the induced forlorn hope of having escaped the trial and that Saddam’s announced sentence means the termination of further inquiry. However, the proven evidences of collaboration refute possibility of escape from the justice. Moreover, the existing challenge between people and the coalition forces is partly because of the latter’s support of Saddam accomplices.

The coalition forces, well aware of Mojahedin’s close collaboration with Saddam, should at least make it clear that how sincere are Mojahedin in their claims of standing by the people. Those who strive to justify Mojahedin’s stay in Iraq according to international conventions have to acknowledge on whose side were Mojahedin through their past two decades’ presence in Iraq. Nothing can conceal the broad fact of Mojahedin’s being the most favorite mercenaries of Saddam, who roamed on Iraqi soil fully armed while the oppressed people were under the hideous suppression of the dictator. What about many instances of Mojahedin’s meetings with Saddam’s high officials where they stressed their entwined destiny. The mind of the world is not devoid of the pictures of Rajavi shaking hands with Saddam and sharing hugs and kisses as if two brothers. The Iraqi people are clear-sighted enough to distinguish between the bare facts and the elusive claims.

Really, with so many evidences persisting, who dares to pass over them? Do they think that people have a weak mind as they do? What hands and for what reasons are in attempt of covering up Saddam’s crimes? The future might tell the hitherto untold.

November 13, 2006 – Omid Pouya – Mojahedin.ws

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