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Coronavirus reveals facts on the MEK

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored”
Aldous Huxley

The facts don’t change. When we ignore them, they still don’t change. People can change; numbers can go up; stalled projects can begin again. But ignoring the facts won`t help anything at all. In other word, it won`t change things to turn around. In fact, it can cause even greater disappointment. Documented facts about a terrorist cult-like organization like the Mujahedin Khalq (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) not only can cause disappointment but also may undoubtedly cause disaster.
Ignoring the facts doesn’t work. Looking at them, thinking about them, working through them does. The MEK has a long record of violent acts against civilians out of its establishment and abusive attitudes against its own members. Ignoring the huge amounts of documentaries and testimonies on the MEK’s true face shows that the group is not what it claims to be.

Records on MEK’s notorious history including terrorist acts, money laundry, forced labor, forced celibacy, discrimination, sexual abuse, coercive mind control leading to self-immolations, mental and physical torture committed by the MEK leaders are all available for those who care about human rights and the welfare of those who are incarcerated by this violent group. Knowing the nature of this group will help us understand how to deal with it and how to eliminate extremism practiced by the group.

However, if the international human rights bodies prefer to ignore the facts on the MEK, they can just take a look at the group’s approach toward the global pandemic of the coronavirus. As it rapidly spreads across the world and particularly in Iran, the MEK opportunistically launches propaganda against the Iranian government. This is quiet expected from this group who tries to distort the facts about the approach of Islamic Republic toward Corona Virus. Even WHO has praised Iran for its effort toward this disease.
But, the enlightening point on the MEK’s approach towards this crucial situation is that the group still calls on Iranian people to get out in the streets to revolt against the government in Tehran. As a convention on the MEK propaganda media, last Wednesday of the Persian calendar – which is actually an ancient tradition to welcome the upcoming of the Spring– is supposed to turn into violent acts against the government.
Last Wednesday of the Persian calendar called in Persian language čahāršanbe suri is a fire festival with its special rituals such as gathering together, partying, jumping over fire, playing fireworks, eating sweets and dancing around the fire. See! The scene is somehow ready for an MEK agent to take a photo of such a celebration and pass it to the MEK propaganda. In its turn the group’s propaganda machine passes the photo on its outlets as an act of insurgency by the Iranian people!

Considering the especial conditions that the pandemic caused this year, the entire health organizations all over the world are asking people to stay home and isolate themselves for an extended period of time. However, the MEK asked Iranians to come out and turn”Chaharshanbeh Suri to an extensive front against the government”. The group’s website officially published a statement calling people to”make Chaharshanbeh Suri the battle against the cleric regime”.
Furthermore, the experience of such a tactic annually used by the MEK on the eve of the Persian New Year has indicated that the Iranian people celebrate this national celebration without even paying slightest attention to the call by MEK. But this year’s call for street clash just once more shed light on a very true nature of this violent group. Evidence shows that for this group Iranian lives are not important. They only seek their own interests.

By Mazda Parsi

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