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The Cult of MKO and the Coronavirus

mek in labania and the coronavirus

Following the outbreak of Corona in Italy, more than 120,000 Albanians residing in Italy returned to their country. Albania is now one of the countries involved with coronary artery disease. A country that has not yet controlled the spread of the coronavirus, with a lack of basic health and service infrastructure to manage the crisis. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has warned violators of the Corona laws that they will be denied unemployment benefits and student scholarships for at least one year if they violate the law. He also said law enforcement, including police and special security forces, are ready to use force or tear gas against violators. He has even said that retirees who do not comply with regulations will be considered a traitor to the war!
This war situation in Albania becomes even more sensitive when we know that there are more than three thousand members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK or MKO) in Tirana. People who are all considered to be administrative retirees, but are confined to work in the MEK’s terrorist camp. Old men and old women who spend the last years of their lives behind computer systems in the MEK camp, using media accounts on social networks, to engage in media warfare against their dissenting political ideas.

MKO members in Albania and the corona virus

There are two main factors that increase the prevalence of Corona disease, as well as the mortality rate and the rate of movement among members of the sect.

The first factor is the sectarian and colonial way of life of the MEK, which has gathered more than 3,000 people in a military camp and will cause a widespread and rapid spread of the virus in their place of residence.

Another factor is the older age of the members of the cult, which was created following the adoption of ideological laws prohibiting marriage. In fact, they are old men and old women who were involved in this cult in their early youth, and because of the prohibition of marriage in this sect, no new generation was formed. This has made the Mojahedin camp like a nursing home where leaders of a cult have separated from ordinary life and are now unable to resist the coronavirus due to the age and weakness in the body’s immune system and to save their lives and society.

In such circumstances, the Corona virus is not only a threat to the survival of this cult, it has also made them a major threat to the Albanian people and to the entire European community. Because of the outbreak of the disease in the terrorist MEK, and given their arrivals in Tirana, they can pose a great danger to the Albanian people and even to the European community. As in their youth, their terrorist activities endangered people’s lives.
In recent days there are some news that indicate that MEK are the main cause of outbreak the corona virus in Albania, but as soon as they found out that some news agencies in Albania mention this on their articles they ban those news agencies and deleted those articles but Albanian people now know that they are responsible of this outbreak in Albania.

With a population of 3 million, Albania is a low-population country, and if Corona is published in Albania by the MEK, it will reduce the population, in other words, manipulate the population, and this may be a trick by this terrorist group to take control of the country of Albania. And the Albanian people would be forced to live under the control of a terrorist group. Perhaps the arrival of Maryam Rajavi, the leader of this terrorist group from France to Tirana, may be the reason for the start of this evil plan and the outbreak of the dangerous coronavirus among the happy and lively Albanian people.

MEK has killed people in every country it lived in with its terrorist acts and extravagances, and has become a distrusted group for the government and the politicians of those countries. If we look back, while they were in Iran, thousands of innocent people were killed by them, and in Iran alone, they slaughtered 12,000 people, including women and children. In Iraq, they massacred thousands of Kurds and shed the blood of these strong and hospitable people in order to be dear for Saddam, and then they went to war with their own country along with Saddam and massacred a large number of innocent Iranians who were even not armed.
Albania is a peaceful country and its people have lived so many years in peace and happiness but now it seems is the turn of Albania to witness the massacre of its own people by placing this terrorist group in its territory. Isn’t it the time to get rid of this disgusting terrorist group once and for all? Are dirty American dollars, worth destroying the innocent people of Albania by tricky reasons like corona virus? Why corruption caused by MEK affected justice system of Albania? Until when Albanian people like Gjergji Thanasi, cannot be able to enjoy equal rights in the Albanian courts? The situation of Gjergji Thanasi is a case in point. Thanasi, an award-winning investigative journalist, sued MEK member Behzad Safari for defamation, after Safari made scurrilous allegations against him. The case is dragging on because of corruption in the judicial system. Judges are removed, replaced, they don’t turn up, the public prosecutor does not turn up, the defendant does not turn up, the defense lawyers don’t turn up, the English language translator does not turn up. With such a broken system, a respected Albanian citizen cannot obtain justice against the defamatory statements made by a stateless member of a terrorist organization. It seems something is wrong in Albania and it is the time people once again cure this corruption once and for all.

Alireza Niknam, Geopolitica.ru

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