Mojahedin Khalq responsible for all violence in Dyali

Governor of Khalis: Mojahedin Khalq (Rajavi cult, MEK,MKO) responsible for all violence in Dyali

Staging a protest rally in front of Governor’s building, Hundreds of peoples of Khalis in Iraq called for the expulsion of MKO terrorists from their land.

The protesters, who carried different placards, demanded that the Iraqi government’s security plan should not change into a political issue and must involve all parts of Dyali province.

The demonstrators also declared their demands via the placards for the expulsion of MKO terrorists from Iraq.

Welcoming the movement against the presence of terrorists in Iraq and appreciating the Iraqi government’s recent military operation in Dyali province, the governor of Khalis demanded for the Iraqi government to intensify its operations in the region.

Oday Khedran also called for the presence of the Iraqi military and security forces in all critical parts of Khalis which have now changed into safe shelters for the armed terrorist groups.

He asked the Iraqi security forces to deport MEK terrorists from Iraq as soon as possible. He called MEK a terrorist cult which is responsible for all the existing unrests and violence in Dyali.


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