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Mojahedin-e Khalq Incite Violence in Iran from Albania

MEK women in Ashraf 3

In the political and social developments of the country in recent years, from protests to riots, generally the hated terrorist group of MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq) has tried to play a role in order to achieve its forty-year-long goal of overthrowing the political system in Iran and it has not succeeded in doing so despite all sorts of methods they implemented.

In the recent developments after the death of Mahsa Amini, this reactionary terrorist cult has been provoking riots to, in their words, set the country on fire. Massoud Rajavi, leader of this terrorist cult who disappeared 20 years ago and has not published any photos of himself ever since, is extremely active in his unusual way.

Investigations show that since the beginning of the protests, Rajavi has sent 7 messages (every 2.4 days) in a period of 17 days (i.e. September 17 to October 3) encouraging violence, use of weapons, assassinating military commanders, overthrowing the government, and making threats. This is an entirely unprecedented act because the MKE leader formerly sent this number of messages within a period of 3 months from June 10 to September 13 (i.e. every 13.5 days).

Maryam Rajavi, his wife, is also engaged in provocative and violent activities from Albania by attracting foreign interventional support against Iran. For instance, she had a meeting with four American congressmen very recently. Although the relations between the representatives of the US Congress and the US Senate with the MEK are not of recent origin, such relations with a terrorist group whose background and history of terrorist activities are well documented is absolutely disgraceful.

It seems that, due to the increase in the amount of MEK’s destructive activities and inciting violence and murder by its leaders on the Albanian soil, the Albanian government is also supporting this cult in their activities and interfering in Iran’s political affairs. Not only did the officials in Tirana not limit the group’s activities and communications but they have increasingly strengthened their support for this cult. What seems desirable is that the Iranian government file a complaint against Albania in the UN Security Council for supporting a violent terrorist group. Although the MEK cannot distance itself from violent behavior due to its terrorist nature, dealing with and confronting the Albanian government as the host of this cult is the least that could be taken into consideration.

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