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Protests in Iran were also manipulated by Mojahedin Khalq in Albania

Fax News invited Dr Olsi Jazexhi, an academic and historian, to comment on the recent protests in Iran. He said the protests were manipulated by foreign agents.

He also emphasized the fact that the protests started for economic reasons, but were later manipulated by being converted into political protests.

“Foreign-controlled protesters manipulated the protests by turning them into violent protests. The problem is that the governments in the US and Israel were able to take advantage of these protests. Today, there were protests against the government, announcing the end of violence against the institutions.

The protests have been taken hostage and officials from the Iranian government accuse them of being infiltrated by foreigners. They are students belonging to terrorist organizations.

Iran has a strong embargo on restricting economic exchanges. Traders are free and this freedom has led to abuses, causing consumer goods to become more expensive for many citizens. Social assistance benefits have been limited and the price of fuel has been raised. These are among the measures that have caused dissatisfaction. The protests in 2009 were due to elections which was another movement.

Today, the situation is worse economically as sanctions continue against Iran. The president was elected promising the country’s liberalization. The Americans did not keep their promises. Most of them condemned the protests when economic protests became politicized and turned violent. Many of the protesters, people associated with the Mojahedin Khalq (MEK, MKO) who are based in Albania, have used violence in the past, killing hundreds of guard workers or ordinary citizens.

With the establishment of ISIS, the Iranian government intervened to support Iraq and Syria against ISIS.

Iran, Russia and Turkey have become a common force and struggle to maintain stability. This fact raises concerns for the Americans and Israel, who are trying to promote conflicts. There has been a manipulation of economic protest and convention in a political protest”,  said Jazexhi. (M.Q / Faxweb)

Olsi Jazexhi, Fox Web, Tirana, Albania, Translated by Iran Interlink

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