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West Serves Iran Against the MKO

Maryam Rajavi complained of Western countries’ apathy about the MKO as well as these countries’ silence on the decision of Iraqi government to expel the group from Iraq; she also took projective stance toward Iraqi government and asked the Western country to employ her group in Iraq.

Maryam Rajavi, who failed to meet Norwegian officials and sufficed to visiting a handful of parliament members, expressed her real pain as being discredited in the West and Western countries’ apathy about her gang.

"Unfortunately, mullahs have taken advantage of the policy of compromising to use the West in order to restrict the main threat for their regime, namely the Iranian Resistance. Thus, the only factors that can bring a change to Iran have been restricted and the world has been deprived of the major factor for thwarting regime’s threats.

3500 members of resistance are in Camp Ashraf and the mullahs want to remove the main threat for their regime by denying their refugee status that has existed for 20 years. Meanwhile, Western governments are still silent on regime’s plots against Camp Ashraf," said Maryam Rajavi.

Maryam Rajavi revealed why the MKO insisted that Iran’s case should be dealt with in the UN Security Council (that is, the survival of the group in Iraq) and said:

"To prevent the expulsion of MKO from Iraq, UN Security Council should apply diplomatic, military, technological and oil sanctions against the regime. Mullahs’ hands should be cut from Iraq and the region and restrictions on the Iranian resistance should be lifted."

So, it becomes clear that the project of "making Iran angry" by a number of European countries (to get advantages in dealing with Iran over its nuclear program) has already failed and that Maryam Rajavi, practically inviting these countries to participate in terrorism, uses this project to express the restrictions and sufferings of her own cult.

Irandidban     2006/11/12

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