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MKO Trying to Divide Muslims in Iraq

Iraqi MP: MKO trying to foment trouble between Iraqi Shiites and Sunnis

Fars News Agency: the representative of Dyala province in the Iraqi parliament, Taha Dor’ Al-Saadi, said that Baathists and the terrorist group of MKO, which enjoy the support of America, try to make division between Sunnis and Shiites.

In an interview with Al-Alam news channel, Al-Saadi said: "The elements of the MKO has played a very destructive role in Dyala province and has tried to foment problems for Muslims here."

"In 90s, former regime used this group to massacre the Kurds in the north and Shiites in the south. After the former regime was toppled, they exploited the instability to boost their position in Iraq."

Stressing the fact that the presence of MKO in Iraq has a negative influence on Iran-Iraq relations, Al-Saadi referred to the order of transitional government on expelling the MKO from Iraq and said the order has not been executed so far.

"It’s now time to execute this order and expel the members of this organization, which has shed the blood of Iraqis. We in the parliament will do our best to expel this group from Iraq although there are some MPs who support this group."

"Americans support this group and its activities in Iraq," Al-Saadi added.

Pointing to the death of Zarqawi in Dyala province and the emergence of his successor, Al-Saadi said: "Shiites and Sunnis have family relations here in Dyala and tribes work to eradicate terrorism."

Fars News

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