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MEK Mafia Collaboration Panics Europe

Evidence of criminal collaboration between Italy’s notorious ‘Ndrangheta clan and the Albanian based MEK terrorist cult has alarmed European security services. News that two high ranking MEK members had been arrested in July 2021 on charges of smuggling drugs into Italy, along with several other cases of criminal activity by MEK members had previously been suppressed. Media articles were retracted, and prosecutions quelled after intervention by the US embassy in Tirana.

However, news published by Report TV – later retracted but echoed by Lapsi.al and Syri.net – reveals the extent of MEK criminal activity and links to mafia in Italy and Albania as well as alleged links to Middle East smuggling rings. State police provided information that from 2019 to 2021, the MEK have attempted to illegally traffic 400 MEK members from Albania to France. The police also revealed that MEK were involved with Albanian and Greek criminal groups in trafficking 7 Iranian, Kurdish and Syrian asylum seekers along with evidence of drug smuggling.

This news [see below] has alarmed European security personnel, not least the Italians. Albanian journalist Gjergji Thanasi was contacted by several Italian media organisations covering this news. Thanasi observed that the collaboration between the military and intelligence trained MEK in Albania and the ‘Ndrangheta in Italy has seriously spooked the security communities of both countries.

MEK leader Maryam Rajavi, who had been based in France, was expelled from Europe in 2018 after she and the MEK were linked to a series of serious security risks. Rajavi took up residence in Albania from where she continued her anti-Iranian propaganda activities under the protection of the American embassy. It is unconscionable that this dangerous organisation with its history of military training, including bomb making and special tactics, intelligence work, money laundry, corruption of officials and its criminal activities, be enabled to re-enter Europe through the back door of organised crime.

It is clear that the unrestrained criminality of the MEK poses a massive threat to Europe and has little to do with any pretended opposition to Iran. Indeed, the secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Office, Kazem Gharibabadi, responded to a EU parliament resolution on the death sentence in Iran, which he characterised as interference in the sovereignty of another country, by pointing out the hypocrisy of EU countries “supporting the MKO terrorist group and referring to such a dangerous group as political opponents”.

Lapsi report on MEK terror activities in Albania

MEK Mafia Collaboration Panics Europe

Below, the reports of Lapsi.al and Syri.net based on the Report TV news.

Link to Lapsi.al
Link to Syri.net

Police seize Mujahedin involved in trafficking, but they are released after being ‘protected by embassies’


Verified Albanian police sources suggest that Mojahedin housed as political refugees in Albania are involved in illegal activities such as drug trafficking and smuggling, but the cases proven against them are blocked for political reasons.

This is the news published today by Report TV, testifying to concrete cases. According to this television channel, the State Police, has provided information that from 2019 to 2021 they have attempted to illegally smuggle to France 400 members of Camp Ashraf 3, where the Mojahedin are housed under an agreement dating back to 2013 and sponsored by the US.

Police documents also mention two senior officers of the MEK militant organisation, who deal with the organisation of illegal activity in co-operation with Albanian criminal groups. The same information made public by Report TV has been followed by Lapsi.al for several weeks.

Police sources have made photo media and videos available to our editorial office which demonstrate the trafficking of illegal drugs and persons, allegedly organised by the MEK organisation, to which the Albanian state has given refuge.

But so far Lapsi.al had not made this information public pending official confirmation. According to our source in the police: ‘Since January 2020, over 100 criminal cases have been filed against MEK members.

Eight of these cases relate to drug trafficking, directly related to ‘Ndrangheta in Italy. There are also 14 cases relating to human trafficking with Greece, he said, adding that the customs and police officers prosecuted for involvement in connection with this, also serves as evidence for this.

In the news made public by Report TV, there is also a letter, through which Albanian police have notified the US Embassy of the criminal activities of members of the MEK protected by it.

While the Lapsi.al source claims that foreign diplomats have directly intervened to close the cases against them.

‘This is a scandal that everyone is silent about. We have also notified the opposition parties and they dare not speak as a result of diplomatic pressure. Even the prosecution does not dare take these cases to the end,’ he said.

The question that arises is, is this also one of the reasons that the international community demanded justice reform? Are they controlling judges and prosecutors to keep quiet about the crimes they committed on our territory, by the militant organisation they support, but which must be self-financed through illegal trafficking and smuggling?

These questions need an answer after an in-depth investigation, because everyone can agree that Albania is a host country for refugees, but hardly anyone can accept that it is turned into a laboratory for criminal experiments.

© SYRI.net –  Translated by Iran Interlink

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