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MKO Admits Cooperation with Terrorists

Following the Iraqi officials’ revelation on MKO’s active role in terrorist activities and its interferences in Iraqi internal affairs, remnants of Rajavi’s gang formally acknowledged it.

Iraqi PM’s Security Advisor Shirvan Vaeli said in an interview with Al-Forat TV: "Mojahedin-e Khalq has made alliance with Al-Qaeda in Dyalah province; it’s conducting terrorist activities in this province."

Vaeli said he had documents proving the existence of link between the MKO and some MPs who try to ruin the government.

Independent TV channel "Almasar" also quoted Dyalah’s governor that "The MKO supports terrorist groups".

On the other hand, General Hassan Shati, in an interview with Al-Hayat newspaper, reported that MKO forces cooperate with terrorist teams in Dyalah.

Following this revelation, remnants of Rajavi hurriedly expressed their stance. Accepting and acknowledging their interferences in Iraq’s affairs (particularly in Dyalah province), MKO remnants announced that they have formed "National Front for Saving Dyalah" with Saddam loyalists!

Irandidban – 2006/12/04

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