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MKO Admits Iran’s Nuclear Achievements

After Iran announced that it had achieved industrial level of uranium enrichment despite all pressures and sanctions, elements of Rajavi’s gang tried to deny the facts and they suddenly stopped their so-called revelations on Iran’s nuclear program.

At that time, Irandidban said that the MKO has been stripped of its ability to maneuver on Iran’s nuclear program and that they have become silent fearing that Iranian nuclear project may be taken into account seriously.

It seems that MKO leaders have forgotten their previous gestures (denying Iran’s advances) and believe that they should exaggerate Iran’s achievements to get to their goals.

MKO, which earlier denied Iran’s ability to have even the nuclear technology, has been forced now to admit the realities they don’t like.

MKO leaders have always been criticized for mixing their so-called political analyses with their dreams and feeding them to their restricted forces.

This is an undeniable characteristic of MKO leaders, and Rajavi himself in particular, but this is not the whole deviation by the gang of Rajavi. The fact is that he is a liar who deals with realities with censorship and sarcasm.

That is why the MKO has lagged behind in political issues.

Denying the facts of Iran’s advances and its political, social and scientific achievements is part of this illness, which results in censorship and restricting the members in Camp Ashraf.

Irandidban – 2007/05/19


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