To go the wrong way on Iran

In Norway, there are some people who support an Iranian dissident group which is called Muajhedin-e-Khalq; however the group doesn’t deserve the support.

The group played an effective role in people opposing campaign against the regime of Shah but after the fall of Shah the group challenged the newly-come to power Islamic Regime and called the people to go on strike and demonstration. But the people turned against them and thus the group which was left alone set out for terrorizing the individuals, bombing and execution. They defeated in that fight. Therefore the group’s leader, Masud Rajavi fled Iran and took refuge in France. After some time Rajavi joined his supporters in Iraq and planned an alliance with Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein gave weapons, military bases and funds to them. Saudi Arabia and America also gave money to Mujahedin.

Mujshedin-e- Khalq attended the Iraqi military invasion to Iran by assisting Saddam Hussein’s forces against their own country. If the Iranian hadn’t already opposed the group now they didn’t hesitate to oppose it “ An Iranian whether agreed or disagreed the governing regime in the country, kept his patriotic emotion after the Iraqi arrack. The attack which was affirmed and backed by US and while that attack the so-called "people’s Mujahedin" fought Iran jointly with the enemy forces. Many of the members defected the group and several other members were persecuted or tortured by the group leaders.

A kind of fascist culture was formed in the group. The members were settled in common houses. A leader (Masul) was assigned for them; the "Masul" in his turn had to report everything to Masud Rajavi, the main leader of the organization. The report of routine activities ended with "Viva Rajavi". Following the leaders, order and hierarchy had become the principals of the organization to the extent that if the members wanted to get married, at first they had to ask the leader for permission. Speaking of marriage, the disgrace for the group was revealed when Masud Rajavi married the wife of Mehdi Abrishamchi, the fourth person in the organization hierarchy. Abrishamchi thanked God due to the opportunity the God gave him to share a "Successful Ideological Decision". A decision according to which his wife " Maryam Azdanlou" was elected as the co-leader of the organization. Political Department of MKO, the Central Committee and the central Council of MKO, all confirming the marriage, considered it as vital for stability and continuality of the growth of new leadership in a social and political domain. (Middle East Journal-Fall,1987)

We should consider the following points about MEK’s nature: – The organization has no support among Iranian people. – MKO’s structure is based on the leader Rajavi’s personality; even a sign of democracy can’t be seen in the organization. Several members of the group have defected MKO due to Rajavi’s dictatorial leadership and his alliance with Saddam’s regime.

– The group has launched several attacks against civilians in Iran. Since 1981, the group has admitted responsibility of the assassination of thousands of Iranians who, according to their claims, were the regime agents.

– The group assisted Saddam in violently suppressing Kurds in Iraq and even after the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait in 1990, it kept on supporting Saddam Hussein since Saddam funded them with hundreds million dollars.

Therefore, the group named Mujahedin-e-Khalq was put in the FTO list published by the US but now the card is turning and a number of people are trying to name the group as "non criminal" in order to use it in their fight against Iran. The military wing of the group which is still based in Iraq is under the US forces’ protection and ranking members of US congress and some others (including some Norwegians) want to legalize the group by removing it from the terror list and introduce it as an Iranian opposition.

And this is a wrong way to go to Iran.

Karin Linstad – Feb, 2007 – Norway-Salt journal

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