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To the supporters of Rajavi’s cult

Massoud Rajavi said: “whoever doesn’t like it can get lost”

I read in Sahar Family Foundation’s website that Massoud Rajavi, the leader of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), has To the supporters of Rajavi’s cultsaid in his latest speech to his followers in Camp Liberty in Iraq: “whoever doesn’t like to stay can get lost and go away”. He then denounced as traitors all those who choose to leave him, including those who do not give him their absolute obedience.

This obscene level of language and speech towards those who spent about three decades of the best years of their lives and sacrificed whatever they had can only be expected from the leader of a destructive mind control cult who tries to play the role of God on earth for his followers. Who has ever said that a leader’s permission is needed to leave a political organization, and who allows him to call them traitors?

I recall before the revolution that the deposed Shah once said: “if someone does not like the look of the Shah there is no problem, he or she can get a passport and leave the country.” Of course the people of Iran showed in their heroic uprising who should go and who was to remain.

But the extent of Rajavi’s rudeness is beyond imagining. He used his vicious tongue to lash those who are the most loyal and supportive of his followers. The Shah at least did not call those who want to leave traitors and did not insult them and was, in any case, talking to those who were against him from the beginning, and not those who had given everything for him.

My addressee here is not Rajavi since he is a well-known character and he can never be considered a reasonable person to deal with. I am addressing the Iranians and non-Iranians who support him, who have gone along with him up to this point. The more you support Rajavi, the more you make him aggressive and damaging. If this support is withdrawn one day, the supporter would immediately be labelled a traitor and mercenary and the hostile attitude against him or her would begin. The examples are numerous.

Rajavi’s supporters should observe how he deals with his most self-sacrificing followers and how he rewards them after years of loyalty. What would have happened if Rajavi had real power, how would he have dealt with his opponents? Wouldn’t he be worse than any dictator in the world? And so I must ask: “isn’t it time for those who continue to support Rajavi to recognise their mistake and keep their distance from him?”

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