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Nejat Society Letter to The Ambassador of the Republic of France in Tehran

Attention: The Ambassador of the Republic of France in Tehran

From: Nejat Society

July. 07

Your Excellency,

We in the Nejat Society would like to draw your good attention to a very crucial matter relating the security of the defectors and opponents of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organisation (MKO) in France.

To introduce ourselves, we are former members of MKO who have managed to flee the organisation from the Ashraf Camp in Iraq. We have organised ourselves to help the victims of a terrorist cult including the former members of the organisation as well as the families of the present members who have no trace of their beloved ones inside the MKO.

We wish to inform you that on 17 June 2007, about 50 members of a proscribed terrorist cult named the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organisation (MKO), who had been dispatched from Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany, attacked a seminar organised by the Association for Supporting the Emigrants and Iranians in France. The venue was at FIAP in the 14th District of Paris. The attackers used knives, broken bottles, etc and injured many of the guests as well as some of the organisers. More than 13 people were seriously injured. The incident was immediately reported by the local and international media. After police intervention, some of the MKO members were arrested and taken into custody.

There are many queries raised relating this incident; such as why the MKO elements attended the meeting and what was their purpose and why they brought recording cameras with themselves to the meeting and why they only used the elements residing in the countries other than France. All these factors prove that the act was previously planed and organised. We have also been informed about the depth of involvement of the leaders of the MKO, currently based in north of Paris in Auvers-sur-Oise. The following information has been revealed to us:

This terrorist act had been approved and arranged at the highest levels of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organisation and the National Council of Resistance (NCR) leadership and the cult leader Maryam Rajavi was involved in every detail of the operation. Mr Alaoddin Turan and Ms Shahrzad Haj Seyyed Javadi have acted as the "intelligence officer" and "operational officer" for this operation, conducting every detail from Mrs Maryam Rajavi’s headquarters in the north of Paris. The operation had been named "Destruction of the Nest of Snakes".

The "executive field officer" of the operation has been Mr Mohammad Hayati (aka: Siavash) who has been a military leader of MKO from the time of the Shah and is currently a member of the MKO as well as the NCR. He conducted the attack using his men and had communication with them through mobile phones. During the years 1981 to 1986, Mohammad Hayati was a member of executive committee of MKO in France and after the departure of Mas’ud and Maryam Rajavi (cult leaders) to Baghdad in 1986; he was transferred to Iraq as the commander of one of five military bases of the National Liberation Army (NLA) of MKO backed by Saddam Hussein. Hayati has directed major military operations in suppressing the uprising of the Iraqi Kurds and Shiite Moslems as well as insurgencies inside Iranian territory.

According to news received from the Americans as well as the disaffected members of Ashraf Camp in Iraq, the name of Mohammad Hayati has been registered in the list of MKO members in the camp and up to 6 months ago, he has had regular contacts with the American forces in charge of the camp. It must be taken into account that his illegal move to France is not merely to disrupt a defectors’ meeting. His role was and still is to assassinate the discontented members and opponents in France and other parts of Europe, something he has been doing even before the Iranian revolution. His mission of course has not been accomplished yet.

We believe that Mohammad Hayati has specifically been sent from Iraq after the announcement of holding a meeting by the above mentioned association. He has been sent by Mas’ud and Maryam Rajavi and has been appointed to command this terror operation in Paris. He had been present at the scene from 12:00 on Sunday June 17 and had coordinated every movement by mobile phone. He had been in constant contact with the MKO headquarters in the north of Paris and had been reporting every step directly to Maryam Rajavi.

Mohammad Hayati was arrested by the police inside the FIAP building and was transferred to the police station. The police after examining his documents clearly were aware of his false ID and false passport which was used to travel from the Netherlands. His true identity and his mission were immediately revealed to the police, but astonishingly he was soon released.

We alert the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the American forces in charge of Ashraf Camp that the terrorist MKO has been transferring some of its military and operational forces from Iraq (Ashraf Camp) to European countries to carry out similar attacks and specifically to assault and assassinate its critiques and converts.

All this is happening at a time that about 200 people, who have clearly renounced terrorism and the MKO after the fall of Saddam Hussein, are still being kept under extreme conditions by the American forces and do not have the right to seek asylum in other countries or to leave the place.

We would like to bring into your consideration the very fact that contrary to the misinformation of the cult through its massive propaganda machine which has been granted to this proscribed terrorist organisation (MKO), the cult has been clearly demonstrating its true face and its deeply rooted beliefs in using violence and terror to reach its goals.

During the raid made by the MKO tugs in Paris, Mr Mohammad Hassan Sobhani who was badly assaulted and beaten by the intruders was also arrested by the French Police. Amazingly the photograph that was taken of him in the police station was published in one of MKO’s websites. We are puzzled how the MKO elements could get hold of the French Police properties.

We wish to remind you that Mas’ud and Maryam Rajavi have mistaken France with Iraq of Saddam Hussein, where they used to detain and torture and even execute their opponents and their discontented members. We are expecting your government to give a through examination of the case and announce the obtained results to the public and take sufficient measures to make sure that the MKO tugs could not harass the Iranians residing in France anymore. We therefore are very concerned about the security of the emigrants and Iranians in France and we urge your government to adopt appropriate measures to ensure the security of the Iranians in France. We would be very pleased if you could give some sort of response to our communiqué.

Pictures we have received to date are attached.

1 – Picture of Mohammad Hayati standing among some policemen plus his earlier photos in the organisation

2 – Pictures of Mr Mohammad Hassan Sobhani who was badly beaten and injured by the MKO tugs plus the photo of him which was taken in the police station by the police and later appeared in the MKO site.

3 – Picture of Mr Ali Akbar Rastgu who was also badly beaten and injured by the MKO tugs.

Yours truly,

Nejat Society

Copy to:

– The office of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Tehran

– The office of the United Nations in Tehran

– The Embassy of Switzerland in Tehran

– The British Embassy in Tehran

– The Embassy of Iraq in Tehran

– The Elyse Palace “Paris

– The Media

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