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Nejat Society Letter to The Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq

Nejat Society Tehran, Iran July 2006 His Excellency, Nuri Al-Máliki  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq Baghdad, Iraq Your Excellency, Respectfully, we would like to acknowledge that the members and authorities of Nejat Society in Iran are most contented with your latest decisive stance regarding that the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organisation (MKO), which is internationally categorised as a terrorist group, should be expelled from Iraq.

Nejat Society is consisted of those ex-members of the MKO who managed to free themselves from the mental and even physical barriers of the Organisation. The main object of the Society is of course to try to help the previous comrades in such way that they be able to free themselves too and start a decent normal life again along with their families and beloved ones.

There is one undeniable fact that MKO and its National Liberation Army (NLA) have been an inseparable part of Saddam Hussein’s Regime and have even participated along the forces of the Deposed Despot to suppress the People of Iraq’s freedom movement in 1991. The Organisation is also responsible for many sabotage and terrorist activities inside Iran through the years.

You are probably aware that around 3000 members of MKO are residing in Ashraf Camp (Al-Khalis Garrison) under the control of the US Army. These people have no connection with their families what so ever and they have all been somehow brainwashed by the leaders and kept unaware about the outside world. They are systematically manipulated to serve in the benefits of the leaders.

Nejat Society finds its duty to try to bring these people out of their misery and once again introduce them to the normal life and the real world. In other words these people must be helped to survive from the state of captivity that they are experiencing at the moment. Driving them out of Iraq would mean liberating them from the hand of their capturers.

Expelling the members of MKO in a way that they no longer could be controlled by the leaders of the Organisation would be to their own best interests and that of their families. Once they become freed from the barriers of the Organisation and be let to think and decide independently and find themselves in a new world, they would certainly be most pleased about their new situation out of the Organisation’s control.

MKO would of course like to keep hold of the Ashraf Camp since it provides them a good opportunity to withhold the members isolated from the outside world. Therefore they would most definitely launch a public relation (PR) campaign to give a fake image that the majority of the Iranians are against the decision of the Government of Iraq. They would as a normal procedure try to falsely impress you by bombarding the office of the Prime Minister with fabricated letters.

As far as the Americans are concerned they are just passing time to see what would be the outcome in the future. It seems that they are not certain what to do with them. Some 600 people have defected from the MKO in Iraq since the collapse of Saddam Hussein while about 400 of them have managed to come back to Iran to their families and start a new life. Around 200 are therefore still with the TIPF alongside Ashraf Camp.

Let’s wish that all these unfortunate people who have been utilised by Massoud Rajavi in Iraq against the two great nations of Iraq and Iran as well as their families and have also suffered through the years for missing their beloved ones would soon gain reunion and start a new prosperous life.

With many thanks for your attention and with best regards

Nejat Society

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