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Nejat Society Letter to The British Prime Minister


Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown

The British Prime Minister

Dear Sir

Nejat Society comprises former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) and the families of active MKO members in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Nejat Society aims to rescue those people who are mentally and physically captive in Camp Ashraf.

As you may well be aware, over 3,000 individuals reside in Camp Ashraf. They are completely isolated inside the camp and have no contact with the outside world. In these conditions they are subjected to the continuous psychological manipulation and mind control techniques which are practiced in all similar cults.

According to the rules within the organization, like many other cults round the world, cult members must not associate with members of their family. The MKO clearly states within the organization that the family is the ‘nest of corruption’ and all members should consider their relatives as their prime enemies and therefore reject and abandon them.

While Iraq was ruled by the former Iraqi dictator, the families of these members could only wait for many years without hope of seeing their beloved ones. Once Saddam Hussein was toppled in Iraq, rays of hope lit their hearts and they thought that their years of pain and separation were over.

This illusion faded quickly once they learned that now, under the protection of the Allied Forces in Iraq, the MKO leaders are still, unchallenged, enjoying the benefits of the isolation of Camp Ashraf in order to keep possession of the members. This is despite the fact that this organization remains designated as a proscribed terrorist group by the USA as well as Britain and the EU.

What is happening in Camp Ashraf in Iraq is a clear example of a cultic human catastrophe. These people have been highly manipulated for many years and in this state of illusion and deception are willing to do anything, including committing mass suicide or self-immolation.

The families of members of the MKO in Camp Ashraf in Iraq, as well as former members, consider the present active members to be the primary victims of this terrorist destructive cult, and urge you to take every possible step to facilitate their free access to the outside world and prevent a human catastrophe from taking place.

Recently, the Iraqi government has issued several statements demanding that Camp Ashraf be dismantled and the leaders of the organization put on trial for their crimes against the Iranian and Iraqi people, as well as crimes against their own members. We expect the allied forces will respect the decisions of the Iraqi government and will therefore make efforts to free the inhabitants of Camp Ashraf.

A further issue concerns those who have left the organization, rejected terrorism and who do not wish to go to Iran. These people are seeking safety in a third country. These are around 200 individuals who were living in the US forces controlled camp called TIPF. Some months ago about half of them were asked to leave the camp for unspecified destinations. The other half is still living in TIPF while their fate is not clear.

We expect the British government, as well as some active politicians like Lord Corbett who is a strong advocate of the MKO, to help these people who have been waiting for a third country to accept them for many years. The British government can surely accept some of these individuals and pave the way for other countries to take the rest.


Yours sincerely,

Nejat Society – Tehran, Iran 

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