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Nejat society Letter to The Honourable President of the Republic of Iraq

Nejat Society correspondent-Tehran- Through a meeting with the President of the Republic of Iraq , Nejat Society representative delivered a letter to Mr. Jalal Talebani  on behalf of  Nejat families.  His Excellency Jalal Talebani The Honourable President of the Republic of Iraq Your Excellency Nejat Society would like to sincerely welcome you to Tehran and express gratitude for your stances regarding expelling the members of the Mojahedin-é Khalq Organisation (MKO) lead by Mas’ud Rajavi from Iraq. Nejat Society, which is established by some defected members of Rajavi’s Terrorist Cult, is active for humanitarian and anti-terrorist causes to safeguard and implement the democratic thoughts and civilised ethics. One of the higher goals of Nejat Society is to help the victims of terrorism in all its forms, and assist individuals held captive by the leadership of MKO in Ashraf Camp in Iraq, as well as their anxiously awaiting families in Iran.

Nejat Society deeply believes that being committed to find democratic conducts to assist those under the rule of terrorist cult groups such as MKO is a sacred and humanitarian responsibility. Fortunately you are well acquainted with the MKO and its deeds particularly against the Kurdish people. No one can deny the very fact that MKO did actually assist Saddam’s army to suppress Kurds in 1991.

There is one undeniable fact that MKO and its National Liberation Army (NLA) have been an inseparable part of Saddam Hussein’s Regime and have even participated along the forces of the Deposed Despot to suppress the People of Iraq’s freedom movement. The Organisation is also responsible for many sabotage and terrorist activities inside Iran through the years.

You are aware that around 3000 members of MKO are residing in Ashraf Camp (Al-Khalis Garrison) under the control of the US Army. These people have no connection with their families what so ever and they have all been somehow brainwashed by the leaders and kept unaware about the outside world. They are systematically manipulated to serve to the benefits of the leaders.

The Mojahedin-é Khalq Organisation, over the years has situated numerous people in their Camps inside Iraq under severe control, repressive conditions, and totally disconnected them from the outside world; and therefore has placed many serious obstacles against their members stopping them from contacting their families in Iran. Hereby we wish to express our disgust against the undemocratic deeds and inhuman manners of the leadership of the Organisation who abuses the basic rights of the members inside Ashraf Camp, which is on the contrary to the democratic values and principles of an advances community. Therefore we urge you to facilitate the possibility of inhabitants of Ashraf Camp meeting their families in a free atmosphere without the presence of the officials of MKO, by using your legal capacity and political authority.

Nejat Society finds its duty to try to bring these people out of their misery and once again introduce them to the normal life and the real world. In other words these people must be helped to survive from the state of captivity that they are experiencing at the moment. Driving them out of Iraq would mean liberating them from the hand of their capturers. Expelling the members of MKO in a way that they no longer could be controlled by the leaders of the Organisation would be to their own best interests and that of their families. Once they become freed from the barriers of the Organisation and be let to think and decide independently and find themselves in a new world, they would certainly be most pleased about their new situation out of the Organisation’s control.


We also wish to draw your attention to another important matter. It is well clear that the leadership of MKO had always acted as a strategic ally of dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein, in recent years. They have joined the security and military forces of the Regime of Iraqi Ba’th Party to take part in violent activities and planning terrorist operations against both nations of Iraq and Iran and murdering and terrorising the civilians. The former ruling regime of Iraq has covertly spent millions of dollars gained from the UN oil for food programme during economical sanctions against the people of Iraq to help MKO, without informing the international authorities, and has breached international regulations regardless of economical pressures imposed to the people of Iraq. This Organisation has in return tried to restore the political and military power of Saddam Hussein; in such way that one can say the leader of MKO and the former Iraqi dictator have been one spirit in two bodies. 

MKO would of course like to keep hold of the Ashraf Camp since it provides them a good opportunity to withhold the members isolated from the outside world. As far as the Americans are concerned they are just passing time to see what would be the outcome in the future. It seems that they are not certain what to do with them.  Some 600 people have defected from the MKO in Iraq since the collapse of Saddam Hussein while about 400 of them have managed to come back to Iran to their families and start a new life. Around 200 are therefore still with the TIPF alongside Ashraf Camp.

Let’s wish that all these unfortunate people who have been utilised by Mas’ud Rajavi in Iraq against the two great nations of Iraq and Iran as well as their own families who have also suffered through the years missing their beloved ones would soon gain reunion and start a new prosperous life.

Regarding the above mentioned points, and considering humanitarian tendencies, democratic values, and human rights accounts, and bearing in mind the very important fact that according to government of Iraq, in addition to the world community, MKO is categorised as a terrorist Organisation, this Society demands prosecuting and bringing into justice the leaders and officials of the Organisation. We believe that dealing properly with terrorism and giving a trial to the terrorists, is the most desired and logical manner to be adopted. We also believe that using terror is a fascistic method and is in contrast with the human conscience, communal ethics, and wisdom teachings of the contemporary mankind.

We do hope that your efforts and your useful attempts as well as those of the members of the Iraqi Government would pave the way to the trial of the terrorist leaders of MKO, and the rescue of misfortune members kept captive in Iraq. We trust this would bring a hopeful perspective to the world community, particularly the two great nations of Iraq and Iran, to establish a society without violence and terror.

With regards and many thankfulness Nejat Society Tehran, Iran  November 29, 2006

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