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MKO Rebuke Nyabati for Reviling Israel

Bijan Nyabati, a left member of NCRI, MKO’s political branch, in a recent jeremiad in Persian lamented the Qana village tragedy of thirty seven innocent Lebanese women and children killed under the Israeli heavy shelling. In fact, deliberately or unknowingly, he swam against MKO’s policy taken towards Israel. Long trying to win the support of the Israeli lobbyist in the US Congress, MKO have shown enough prudence not to disappoint the US and Israeli advocates.

Compelled to react against the Israeli bloodshed in Lebanon, more because peoples like Nyabati had poked their nose into something they shouldn’t have, Mojahedin took a moderate position in condemning the Israeli bloodshed never mentioning the Israel itself. Have a look at its statement for instance:

The Iranian Resistance condemns the killing of innocent people in Lebanon and expresses its condolences to the people of Lebanon and in particular to the families of those who have lost their loved ones.

Enraged by Nyabati’s act of overstepping the organization’s red line, Hooshang Behdad, penning in Mojahedin-run andesheh.com, denounced Nyabati’s condemning Israel for what it has not been responsible. Indirectly, Mojahedin warn Nyabati not to get too emotional when he has to remain unconcerned. Putting the blame of the human tragedy in Lebanon on all but the Israel itself, in a part of his criticism addressed to Nyabati, Behdad stated:

Demonstrating a leftist stance, taking an anti-imperialism position, condemning Israel, and thoroughly forgetting the warmongering, terrorist sponsor regime [Iran] is absolutely inexcusable… What other outcomes could one have expected when such an army [Israel] is provoked and Israel is threatened to be wiped out, its military and non-military zones are rocketed, and its soldiers are abducted?

Mojahedin have learned their dictated lessons well. The Bush Administration had earlier announced that Israel had the right to defend itself. The Israeli Ambassador to the UN had also castigated the Hizbollah forces and the sponsoring countries for the killings and rejected to accept any responsibility.


mojahedin.ws –  03/08/2006

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