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Israel’s New Guideline for MKO

There’s no doubt that by supporting New Middle East plan, US Neocons try to secure the aggressive goals of Zionist regime: establishing Jewish state from Nile to Euphrates. Such a goal won’t be achieved without the destruction of a number of countries and massacre of Muslims.

Israel’s Zionist officials and their Neocon supporters have declared Iran to be the main obstacle for their goals and therefore they want to destroy Iran.

Weakening and isolating Iran is one of the plans they are following. One of their major plans to reduce the power of Iran in the region, destroying Iran, was a failure.

Following the scandalous withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon in 2000, US and Israeli officials planned for an "orange revolution", which was also thwarted by the gathering of 1.5 million people in favor of Hizballah.

Then, Syria came under heavy pressure from Zionist warmongers. They believe that the destruction of Syria will change the equation of Lebanon in favor of Israelis and that Hizballah will lose its main supporter. Therefore, they resorted to the UN Security Council and diplomatic pressures to force Syria to withdraw from Lebanon. Along these pressures, there was a plot for coup in Syria, which was blown up. Still, Israel tries to drag Syria into an international or regional struggle in order to destroy this country.

Understanding this strategy of warmongers and looking for a war against Iran, notorious gang of Rajavi shouted the slogan of "expanding democracy, from Iraq to Syria"!

Israel believes Syria is a factor that can direct the US towards a fight against Iran and that this element should be eliminated. On this issue, terrorist MKO agrees with Israel and therefore openly takes position against Syria. The comments of Mohaddessin last year on the role of Syria in the assassination of Rafiq al-Hariri were supposed to stoke the fire of plots against Syria.

Now that Israel and its supporters have failed in their month-long aggression against Lebanon, they try to increase pressures on Syria; these pressures can be applied through diplomatic means, among other things.

While the treacherous gang of Rajavi prefers to stay silent on the moves of countries like Canada, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Norway and … (which extradite runaway criminals and illegal refugees to Iran on a daily basis), extradition of Abdullah Mansouri (who plotted terrorist bombings in Ahwaz, killing innocent Arab innocent people of Khuzestan) has made them upset, and they ask for more international pressure on Syria.*

Now, it has become clear that Rajavi’s gang follows anti-human policies of Zionists in order to survive, with efforts to instigate the US to attack Iran at top.

However, due to the new developments (resulting from the brave resistance of the Lebanese), Israel and the gang of Rajavi are the main losers of this battle whose crimes in Iraq and Lebanon are going to be stopped soon.


NCRI’s statement on the extradition of Abdullah Mansouri

Irandidban – 2006/08/16

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