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We Oppose MKO’s Presence in Iraq

The head of Iraq’s SCIRI described the Mujahidi Khalq organization as an “illegitimate and unconstitutional one.”

The leader of the Iraqi Ruling Parliamentary Majority Abdel-Aziz Al-Hakim told KUNA in an interview that Iraqi authorities and the Iraqi public were determined to maintain good relations with Kuwait. He said Kuwait and the Iraqi opposition forces were on the same side against the former regime. He cautioned against a civil war spearheaded by the takfiris (those who treat their political opponents as infidels to the Islamic faith) and the Saddamists (those loyal to the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein). He said he, “and many Iraqis,” shared the same concerns as US President George W. Bush over the risks of political disintegration in Iraq as a result of continued terrorist attacks. But he said the ruling majority was doing its best to avoid civil war. He said that the issue of turning Iraq into a confederacy would be dealt with at the upcoming session of the National Assembly. He declined to delve into the outcome and make-up of any possible cabinet reshuffle.

Turning to the issue of any shortcomings in the current government led by Nouri Al-Maliki, he said he could not confirm or deny any report of shortcomings in the services sector. He praised the current trial of Saddam Hussein over the Al-Anfal massacres of Iraqi Kurds. “This trial is one of the best in the world in so far as its standards of fairness are concerned,” he said.

On the issue of the dialogue called for by the ruling majority between the US and Iran over Iraq, he said that the call was made and it was unfortunate that the dialogue did not materialize so far.

He described the Mujahidi Khalq organization as an “illegitimate and unconstitutional one.”

KUNA – 2006/08/24

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