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SIIC Rejects Presence of MKO in Iraq

Reported by IraqSlogger, in spite of suppositions by several Western media that the changes in the powerful Shi’ite party’s platform would distance it from Iran and give it a more Iraqi “flavor”, the media bureau of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, formerly SCIRI, issued a statement late Saturday correcting what it described as “dubious remarks attributed to senior SCIRI officials” and “inaccurate analysis” made by media outlets, referring to reports that the party would distance itself from neighboring Iran. The statement said that SIIC wished to stress the independence of its political decision and that its new platform is not directed “against” anyone.

The statement stressed that SIIC would continue to reject the presence of any foreign terrorist groups in Iraq – a reference to the Iranian Mujahideen e-Khalq opposition group – and to respect the independence and sovereignty of neighboring countries.

IraqSlogger- 13/05/2007


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