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MKO-Israel’s Endgame

Fox News, the channel of American warmongers, which seems to have faced legal restrictions for using the spokesman of terrorist MKO (Alireza Jafarzadeh), reported a letter from him- without inviting or showing him.

Terrorist MKO, that has been long trying to work for the strategic gaols of Israel in the region and instigate the US to open a war against Iran, took advantage of Israel’s war on Hizballah to charge Iran and call on the US to attack it.

Fox News anchorman quoted Jafarzadeh:

"What’s happening now in Lebanon didn’t come to occur overnight. To pave the way for this dirty war, Iran had recently increased deploying its missiles, ammunition and weapons to Lebanon. Member of Iranian revolutionary guards, who have been in Lebanon for years, boosted their presence in the region."

To have more effect on US officials, Jafarzadeh referred to the comments of Iranian leader and said:

"In a speech, which was aired by TV, [ayatollah] Khamenei said: "US president says Hizballah should be disarmed. This is what he and Zionists want, but it will never happen."

Then, Jafarzadeh points to irresponsible stance of Arab leaders of the region against the resistance of the Lebanese and says their stance along with Israel is due to their fear from Iran. "In an important and unexpected change, important Arab countries criticized mercenary Lebanese groups and their main supporter Iran for the current situation… the rare preparedness of these countries to take a stance against the will of majority of their people indicates their fear of Iran’s increasing influence in Iraq and the whole region."

In the end, Jafarzdeh suggests Americans to destroy Hizballah and the resistance of the Lebanese and, in the next step and in order to stop Iran’s increasing influence, consider attacking Iran a priority:

"Tehran has never paid the price of supporting terrorism in the past decades. Instead, Iranian regime has taken advantage of terrorism for receiving privileges from the West. The world community should make sure that Iran’s war machine is disabled in the Middle East. If Tehran’s terror machine is allowed to come out of the region’s crisis victorious, a disaster will take place."

There’s no doubt that Israel, by playing it recent game (the killing of innocent Lebanese and Palestinian civilians is only a small part of which), is trying to involved Syria and Iran in the war as well. When the US failed to mobilize world’s public opinion against Iran, Israel made this crisis and the MKO, following Israel’s policies, expressed its deep desperation over Iran’s referral to the UN Security Council. Mojahedin-e Khalq, who can survive only by the existence of crises, believes the only way for staying alive is to make a regional war.

However, the resistance of the Palestinians and Lebanese, vigilance of Iraqis and independence of Iranians foiled this last hope of Israelis and revealed the true nature of the enemies of the region’s Muslims.

Irandidban    2006/07/26

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