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Terrorists Disinformation

It is too flagrant to see there yet exist people who advert to ambiguous sources to release what they believe to be “Newly obtained intelligence reports”. Previously proven disinformation of a source should caution alert minds to be heedful of the authenticity of the intelligence and the quoter.

Claude Salhani in an article published in Monstersandcritics uses a pro-terrorist like Jafarezadeh as a source for his article. Being a member of the blacklisted terrorist MKO, the world has come to know that Jafarezadeh can never be trusted as a source of intelligence.

Being the kind of people who fish in troubled water, MKO does whatever mischief to escalate the tension concerning Iraq to survive. Quoting Jafarzadeh who talked at a conference organized by the Iran Policy Committee, a lobby group pushing to get the MKO off the State Department’s terrorist list, the article intends to support the idea that Iran is advocating a special force to spread disorder and terrorism in its neighboring country Iraq.

It was only ten days ago that, following the detention of two Iranians in Iraq, Maryam Rajavi, the head of the terrorist MKO, claimed that the two Iranians were senior members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and had coordinated attacks against coalition troops and Iraqi civilians. She cited the group’s intelligence agents as the source of the information. However, the two were released because Rajavi’s allegations proved to be purely baseless and false.

Any just appraise of intelligence and information depends on the soundness of the source wherein they emerge. Of course, the public opinion pays not the least attention to what terrorists release, and any reporter of good repute should be careful of the pitfalls of the smart terrorists.

A. Afshar –  09/01/2007

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