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No Revolution in the Horizon

Alireza Jafarzadeh, member and spokesman of terrorist MKO, acting as Middle East analyst who’s serving Israelis’ lobby in Warmongers’ TV channel, suggested to Bush’s government in an interview with CNN to use the terrorist group of Mojahedin-e Khalq instead of attacking Iran.*

Jafarzadeh and leaders of the cult (of Rajavi), who have created this theory to impose the group on the US, know it’s really sarcastic and that’s why they speak of so-called "popular protests" and "explosive situation"!

For years, the MKO has repeated contradictory claims on the internal situation of Iran in order to receive advantages from the West, and the US in particular. Now, these claims have become so unbearable that even CNN’s presenter turns on Jafarzadeh asking him: "what internal situation are you talking about?"

In response to Jafarzadeh’s request from the West to put pressure on Iran and focus on internal situation, CNN’s Lou Dobbs asks:

"We have heard these things for years that there’s dissatisfaction. That there was opposition to Ayatollah Khomeini. Then there was Khatami. Then they said that Ahmadinejad has come to help the regime because the regime is facing pro-democracy youths and so on. Don’t you think these are all only rhetoric?"

(In this question, Dobbs questions Rajavi’s analyses and makes them invalid)

Jafarzadeh, unable to answer the questions in a meaningful manner, resorted to a stupid comparison (that has been repeated by the MKO for 25 years) and said: "We saw that Shah, with all military power and after 37 years of ruling the country, was eventually toppled by Iranians. There is a limitation for dictatorship."

Dobbs had a stronger answer: "I’m not anyone to question the will of any nation’s people. But I’m confused why there’s no sign of this opposition to state Islamic radicalism and why it’s not negated."

Jafarzadeh tried to introduce the protests to the Iranian President as a sign of revolution, saying: "Ahmadinejad is being negated widely. When he was speaking last month in Amirkabir University, students protested to him despite the pressure by Revolutionary Guards Corps and practically forced Ahmadinejad out of the auditorium."

In the end, using a very simple example, Lou Dobbs showed how discredited MKO analyses on Iran and Iranian are: "I tell you that in this very country, when you hear the name of George Bush in a University you think a revolution is going to take place"!

This short interview proves that Rajavi’s current policy is not useful and that the US needs a group or solution that can resolve its problems in practice.

refore, even if the MKO succeeds to impose itself on a Zionist or American party, it would be the beginning of being exposed and discredited.


* CNN’s interview with Jafarzadeh on his new book, "Iran’s Threat"

Irandidban -2007/01/23

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