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MKO acts against the interests of Iraqi people

Top Iraqi Shia leader has said that Iran-US talks serve the interests of Iraqi nation and would help ease tension in the war-torn country.

Abdul-Aziz Hakim, the head of Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq, assessed the outcomes of the first round of Iran-US talks as positive and said that Iraqi political factions advocate a second round of talks in the near future.

In an interview with IRNA, the cleric said the Iranian exiled terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) has committed acts against the interests of Iraqi people and its activities in Iraq are banned according to the Iraqi Constitution.

Besides their terrorist attacks against Iran, they played a leading role in helping former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein suppress the Iraqi people uprising in 1991.

MKO is known in Iraq as an enemy of the nation and is still carrying on with its ugly feature and devastating role in the country, said Hakim adding that the Iraqis want their immediate expulsion.

"However, the occupation forces have branded the MKO members as refugees in order to hinder Iraqi government’s efforts to expel them," said Hakim who is Tehran since May for chemotherapy.

In response to a question about pressures imposed by some Arab states on Iraqi government to revise the de-Baathification law and their wish to return the infamous Baath party members to power, Hakim said "these elements refuse to understand the changes and realities in Iraq".

Hakim stressed the law has been unanimously endorsed by the Iraqi nation and will be enforced.

The head of the most powerful Iraqi political party opined that federalism is the only solution to resolve violent conflicts in the country.

He said that the issue of federalism is part of the popularly-supported Iraqi Constitution, adding that federalism does not mean dividing the county into separate parts, but is a sure way to secure Iraqi integration.

PressTV – 12/07/2007

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