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MKO Betrays Iraqi people

Terrorist organization of the Mujahidin-e Khalq is illegitimately accusing Iraqi clerics of deploying Iraqi youths to Iran to be trained militarily. They have even gone further by claiming that "these youths are Iraqis and non-Iraqis from some Arab Islamic groups". Please not how roguishly the report has been prepared. About the news itself, I should say that it’s really an old trick. There are no documents or evidences for this report, but there are reasons that prove the report to be only a dream:

1. Occupying forces are watching Iraqi borders with Syria and Iran; in addition, Iraqi army is also settled along the border and intelligence agents of occupying forces and Iraqis are watching the borders closely with modern equipments.

2. To train Iraqi youths, we don’t need Iran. Resistance movement against occupiers is active in Iraq; if this claim is true that Iran trains Iraqis, then why there’s no attack against occupiers in the south? These people suffered a lot during Iran-Iraq war and they don’t wan to fight.

3. We all know that before the fall of Baghdad, the terrorist group of Mujahidin-e Khalq fought against Iraqis and killed innocent people in Abu Ghraib region only because they people passed MKO’s land to reach their farms. After the fall of Saddam, all Iraqi farmers work on their lands without any problems, but this terrorist group is under the protection of American occupiers, giving intelligence on resistance forces of Diali province to US army. In this regard, they take advantage of some simple-minded tribesmen, athletes and students; Mojahedin has established so-called "Association of Iran’s Friends" which is only an American plot to collect information on resistance forces in Diali, Mosul and Kirkuk. The MKO has also established contacts with Iraqi Lawyers Syndicate and some supporters of Ayad Allawi’s party.

4. All Iraqis declare explicitly that cooperating with clerics doesn’t mean cooperation with Islamic Republic; their positions are clear due to being Shiite. Every religious authority has Fatwas on relations with other countries and it’s unlikely for Sunni religious authorities to allow deployment of Iraqi youth to Iran for training.

The major reason for naming this group-based in Iraq- a terrorist organization is that it is the mercenary of occupiers and colonialist countries. As you know, for the time being, Iraq is not stable and the question is why this group doesn’t go to another country! The interests of occupiers convince them to keep this group in Iraq to get to their goals by using the group against Iraqis. Members of this organization in France even feed coalition forces with information on Muslim insurgents coming to Iraq to fight occupiers. Why does the group make contacts with those tribes leader who are away from political scenes? Why do MKO members leave their camp to go to Mosul and Kirkuk?

There’s no doubt for us that these mercenaries victimize Iraq to achieve their goals and that they are seeking another war against Iran. In this way, they want to blemish on the reputation of Iraqi clerics and clergymen.

Mo’taz Mohammed Jamal Al-Iraqi    Soutaliraq website

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