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Nejat Society letter to UNHCR office in Tirana

Dear UN Official Mr. Hortens Balla,

First of all, we appreciate the interest you have shown to celebrate Iranian New Year for our friends –refugees of Camp liberty, Iraq who left the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO), once they were resettled in Tirana.

A few days before the UNHCR hold the New Year’s party, the MKO authorities in Tirana planned a Nowruz celebration for those members who are still trapped under the control of their cult-like group. They actually sought the attention of the newly defectors of the group in order to recruit them again. They awfully feared the collapse of their cult hegemony which was already in decline.

On the one hand, the party organized by the UN office distressed the cult authorities and on the other hand, it reinforced our friends in their effort to distance themselves from the cult indoctrination system.

By the way, we would be pleased to introduce our NGO in a few words.

Nejat Society is an NGO founded by ex-members of the MKO in Iran. Founders of Nejat who all endured the sufferings and pains of living in the "Cult of Rajavi" are determined to rescue their former friends who are still takes as hostages in the MKO camps.

Nejat society’s offices all over Iran get in touch with families of MKO hostages who have been deceived or hijacked into the group. We work hard to inform them of the situation of their children and loved ones mentally or physically imprisoned behind the bars of the cult.At the moment, Nejat Society includes nearly 3000 families all over the country.

As former members of the MKO terrorist cult, we have longtime experience of taking proper action to deal with the MKO-triggered plots. Thus, It would be a pleasure for Nejat Society to cooperate with the honorable UNHCR officials.

Yours Sincerely,

Nejat Society


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