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Over 50 survivors of Mojahedin Khalq write to UNHCR

Open letter from 50 separated members and freed critics of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran

New criminal act against refugees in Albania Mariam Rajavi’s criminal act to eliminate opponents they left that organization. In an unprecedented move, without any financial or administrative backing, the UN Commissioner in coordination with the PMOI and Maryam Rajavi has announced to the people they left this cult in Albania that they will cut off all assistance to these asylum seekers from the beginning of the New Year. And the responsibility will be with Albanian government. While these people do not have any legal qualifications and, given the situation in the Albania, there is no possibility of work or visit their family, many of these people they are old and more than 55 years old and they are not able to work and during the past years they were with this cult all of them have physical problems and they have been subjected to psychological torture also they have many mental problems and they need special attention. After these years they have been past they are not able to do their job and many of them need surgery. It should be noted that , Maryam Rajavi, who has signed a contract with the Commissioner and the Albanian government, stated that, this organization and the people they will leave them ,they never ask to change their status as asylum, and they will be in this country as a humanitarian situation According to the contract, it is the responsibility of the organization to pay the financial support to these people until they are in this country. But on the basis of this disgraceful agreement, Maryam Rajavi, in her effort to eliminate these people, is trying to strike all the ways ahead of life front of these people in order to create fear between her forces, in the same way, she is trying to cut off their money. The cost of living these people, while all living expenses include the rent of the house and pay for electricity and water, they must pay for everything while they haven’t any sources for get money. These costs are paid to these people at the lowest level and under conditions , they must do mercenaries for this organization, and are trying to get news about their friends and their families to the organization to make daily feeds to people they live with organization for making fear between them. During these years, despite the fact that according to the contract they must be paid by the organization, but this organization minimized it in with two steps, and Ministry of Interior of Albania and the UNHR based in Albania also the US government, which was a party to the deal closed their eyes against MKO after the interruption. And now, another conspiracy has been arranged by this organization, the UNHCR announced to these people they left them, from the beginning of the new year, the UNHCR will cut their supports, no medical support no any help, even the medical counseling they have been given to them because of the psychological and psychological pressures they have been inflicted during the years they have been with this organization over past years. Unfortunately, it should be added that in all references to the Ministry of Interior and the High Commissioner of Refugees to receive this contract, both party aren’t accountable and in a coordinated manner, they play with these people. It should be to mention that the organization has signed an agreement with the Albanian government to complete this conspiracy, the Albanian government doesn’t allow any family from Iran to come to Albania to visit their children, and this has also been reported by the UNHCR, this organization and Albanian government trying to isolate them here until they die. These people by wrote protesting letter to the UNHCR in Geneva, wrote their concern their right has defaced by this organization and Albanian government, but unfortunately did not receive any response to their demands. We are demand all the human rights activists want to be our voice and transmit our voice to the world and social networks and press. Because we are imprisoned here in Albania and all the roads are closed to us and we know what these are because of Rajavi, she doesn’t want anybody leave them so the only way is to kill all of us or forced us to leave this country by illegally way, but we will pay price to be free and reach our rights and we never give up and do what Maryam Rajavi wants and we don’t scare of this organization and what they are doing against us and we will face their threat. The world is not without justice, and there will be people to be our voice and reach it to all of world. Thank you in advance for all your work

Separated members and critics of the PMOI.

Faryad Azadi, Tirana, Albania,

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