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More than 70 MKO hostages’ families write letter to UNHCR

Families of Mujahedin-e Khalq Cult hostages in Iraq and Albania wrote several letters to United Nations High Commissioners for refugees. The suffering families seek the UNHCR support in realizing their basic human right which is the right to visit or contact or even have a news of their beloveds.

One of the letters signed by 50 families reads:

Dear UNHCR in Iraq,

We, a number of families of Camp Liberty captives, would like to inform you that our beloved ones are captivated by MKO for years. During all these years, we have come to Iraq several times to meet them, but MKO members do not allow us. We have been deprived of visiting our dear family members. This cult is based in Iraq at the moment. We kindly ask you and demand to provide an opportunity for us to visit our beloved ones under supervision of you and the Iraqi government without the presence of MKO members.

Your due consideration in this regard would be highly appreciated,

Friday, February 5, 2016

  1. Hossein Ali, Cheragh Ali, Mohammad Ali, and Hamid Reza, and Zoleikha Rigi, Siblings of Barat Ali Rigi
  2. Morad Ali and Mohammad Agh Atabay, brothers of Hamid Mohammad Agh Atabay
  3. Mohtaram Najmi, Mohammad Mahdi Naseri Moghaddam, and Maryam Naseri Moghaddam, respectively mother, brother and sister of Hadi Naseri Moghaddam
  4. Karim Kharmali, brother of Bahram Kharmali
  5. Abdol Rahim Abedi, nephew of Mohammad Khaled Masoudi
  6. Mohammad Ali Ghezelsaflou, brother of Nourollah Ghezelsaflou
  7. Bibi Hajar Vahedi, mother of Taymaz Vahedi
  8. Hossein Hajili Douji, brother of Ahmad Rahim Arbabi
  9. Masoumeh Heydari, sister of Masoud Heydari
  10. Alireza Nargesi, brother of Leila Nargesi
  11. Haj Sakhid Saeidfar, brother of Seyed Saeidfar
  12. Ali Hashemi, brother of Ali Akbar Hashemi
  13. Mrs. Mottaki, mother of Ruhollah Ramouz
  14. Ahmad Golalipour and Samad Golalipour, brothers of Iraj and Houshanj Golalipour
  15. Valiollah Seraj, brother of Zahra Seraj
  16. Mohammad Hossein Livani Nejad, Uncle of Hossein Ali and Abbas Ali Livani Nejad
  17. Shahram Riahi and Khalil Riahi, respectively son and brother of Mohammad Taghi Riahi
  18. Abolghasem and Gol Agha Modabber, brothers of Seyed Taghi Nokandeie
  19. Ahmad Saghaeil, brother of Ms. Shayesteh Saghaei
  20. Mahnaz Akafian, mother of Mohammad Ali Sasani
  21. Ali Reza Shokri, brother of Gholam Reza Shokri
  22. Seifollah Dolat Panah, cousin of Salman Dolat Panah
  23. Leila Mahmoudi and Zohreh Aali Magham, respectively mother and sister of Mohammad Reza Aali Magham
  24. Mohammad Reza Rahmati and Iman Rahmati, respectively brother and nephew of Ali Reza Rahmati
  25. Abbas Fanoudi, father of Zahra Fanoudi
  26. Mah Monir, Raheleh, Homa, and Narges Iranpour, sisters of Ahmad Reza and Mohammad Reza Iranpour
  27. Jafar Mojarradi, brother of Akbar Mojarradi
  28. Ahmad Hajari and Shahin Hajari, respectively brother and sister of Ali Hajari
  29. Ahmad Nazeri, brother of Sami’ Nazeri
  30. Mehrnoush NikSir, sister of Mehran NikSir
  31. Roghayyeh Faramarzian, mother of Fereydoun Nedaei
  32. Narges Beheshti, sister of Mostafa Beheshti
  33. Davoud Zand Dochahi and Neynaz Zand Dochahi, parents of Majid Zand Dochahi
  34. Roghayyeh Gouya, sister of Mohammad Reza Gouya
  35. Ali Nazari, brother-in-law of Hossein Ghahremani
  36. Hassan Shojaei, father of Saeid Shojaei
  37. Ali Akbar Babaei Nejad, father of Jafar Babaei Nejad
  38. Saeid Zolghadri, brother of Mahmoud Zolghadri
  39. Behrouz Oladi, brother of Masoumeh Oladi
  40. Abdolhossein Attar, father of Mostafa Attar,
  41. Farhad Babaei, brother of Teymour Babaei
  42. Ruhollah Moradi, brother of Hassan Moradi
  43. Ebrahim Salmani, brother-in-law of Hassan Moradi
  44. Akbar Rasekhi, cousin of Ali Rasekhi
  45. Dolatkhah Parvaresh Pileh Rood and Eshrat Parvaresh Pileh Rood, sisters of Fereydoun Parvaresh Pileh Rood
  46. Nader Abbas Khani, nephew of Mansour Abbas Khani
  47. Seyed Morteza Nasabi, father of Nayereh Sadat Nasabi
  48. Reyhaneh Maleki Ice, sister of Mohammad Ali Maleki Ice
  49. Shirdel Ahmadian, father of Hadi and Saeid Ahmadian
  50. Fatemeh Arbabi, Amir Arab and Zahra Arab, respectively mother, brother and sister of Javad Arab

Peyvand-e Rahayee Website reported

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