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Suffering families of MKO hostages letter to the UNHCR

Visiting our loved ones in our basic right; Say families of MKO hostages in Camp Liberty

Dear UN High Commissioner for refugees,

We, the undersigned are relatives of the people who have been detained against their will in the Liberty Camp by MKO; we come here with difficult situation of Iraq to visit our close relatives. As you may be aware, while some of us have been deprived for years to visit our loved ones, unfortunately once again we were kept behind the Liberty Camp for several hours and have not been allowed to visit them by MKO. This attitude of the organization officials is inhuman and against human rights and we expect the conviction of these inhumane behaviors by international organizations such as your organization.

We as the relatives of those persons in the Camp only want to visit our loved ones, without asking for their exiting from the Camp, under the auspice of UN and ICRC and with presence of organization representatives. We believe this is their basic right of those persons to visit their families even in the War condition, which has been mentioned in the Geneva Conventions.

In this regard we strongly request the UNHCR to take an urgent action seriously in a way to assist us. We appreciate if UNHCR could facilitate the process of visiting with our relatives in the Liberty Camp.

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