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Facebook account for liberty residents! An outrageous lie

Families of the residents of Camp Liberty who had picketed behind the gate of the Camp probing the visit of their loved, did not succeed to meet them during the due time that they were allowed to picket by the UN officials. The leaders of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO) claim that all Liberty residents have Facebook accounts with real IDs !! through which they can contact their families. They labeled the families at Liberty gate as agents of the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and Quds force!

Elderly parents and siblings of the MKO hostages at Camp Liberty suffered the hot and dusty weather and dangerous situation of Iraq in the hope of visiting their loves ones but Liberty authorities did not allow any visit and even threatened that they would stop the relocation of the residents to Albania.

On one hand, leaders of the Cult of Rajavi (the MKO) claim that the entire Camp residents themselves abstain from meeting their families, on the other hand they allege that all residents have Facebook accounts to contact their families. As a matter of fact, making fake personal Facebook accounts with the identity information and photos of liberty residents is a simple tactic for the MKO propaganda to deceive the UN officials.

According to several international reports such as “No Exit” of the Human Rights Watch and the testimonies of a large number of defectors who fled the MKO, members of the group have no free access to the free media. They are allowed to watch the MKO’s satellite channel and a few recorded news reports filtered by the authorities of the camp .They assess the presence of families at the gates of Camp Ashraf as a serious motive to push them to escape the cult, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi fear families as a powerful lever that might influence many other members of the cult of Rajavi to liberate themselves.

The claims and threats made by the MKO authorities indicate that the MKO is definitely a destructive mind control cult that takes its members as hostages under a horrific manipulative system. Social networks including Facebook is an unknown phenomenon for a lot of the Camp residents. Given that they have access to social networks, it sounds weird that they prefer it to a face to face visit with their families who are just a hundred meters away from them.

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