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115 Liberty residents fly to Albania

115 members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization who resided in Camp Liberty, Iraq flied to Tirana, Albania.

The government of Albania that had received 210 MKO members last year, accepted to receive another 210 individuals under the request of the US government.

Albania had previously provided residential facilities to receive them but the MKO leaders impeded the relocation process under various pretexts.

The selected individuals were supposed to fly to Tirana on November 7th but the MKO officials obstructed the flight a few hours before. Finally, 115 individuals flied to Tirana on November 11th.

55 people of the relocated group are elderlies who suffer severe diseases and 60 other individuals include commandants and high-ranking officials of the MKO.

The MKO tried hard to relocate its high-ranking officials who are under arrest warrant by the Government of Iraq.

It is worth to notify that the MKO did not relocate those Liberty residents whose families have been closely seeking their release from the Cult of Rajavi such as Hossein Moradi, Alireza ,Kobra and Akram Mirbagheri, Amir Arsalan Hassan Zadeh.

Further news on the relocation process will be reported as soon as possible.

Translated by Nejat Society

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