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Options for Albania: either to expel or extradite the leaders of the MEK

The Rajavis, international criminals should not travel freely

The Albania police takes control of the MEK Camp Ashraf 3

When we defected the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and planned to return to Iran, it was said that except for 50 MEK leaders who are on the black list, the rest were included in amnesty and can return to Iran. Most of the families who were worried about If their loved ones decide to leave and return to Iran, will they be in danger of being arrested and tried or not? Now this list has increased to 104 people who are being tried in Tehran court.

Although everyone in their organization knows if they were directly involved in a crime or not? Or they were just members who were deceived and taken to the group, and it can be concluded that all the defectors who decided to return to Iran know that they did not participate in any crime against the Iranian people, and they do not have private complaints.

But from the point of view of international law, now the question arises as to why the Albanian government has sheltered the members of this black list in its country with the participation and direct order of the American government? We, the defectors, are also complaining to the Albanian government that why has the MEK been settled in their country as a legal entity that violates our rights? Why should the group be formed in Ashraf 3 in a coherent way and no one has the right to enter and leave freely?

The government of Albania was supposed to fulfill the preparations for de-radicalizing of MEK members in the path to free life, but now, more than 7 years have passed since the members of the organization entered the territory of Albania, this task has not been realized. When the Albanian police entered the Ashraf 3 headquarters on June 30 this year, we all saw that the leaders of the terrorist organization were reminiscing about their previous and terrorist organizations and had no idea of releasing the captive members of the organization.

As always and like what the French government did on June 17, the MEK leaders should be treated by force, after examining all the shameful records of the organization, it is important to conclude that in the first place we, defectors, should complain to the Albanian government that they are torturers and corrupters. The givers of our life and youth have sheltered us in their country, now that the government of Iran has started the trial of 104 of the heads of the MEK and the organization itself as a legal entity, it is appropriate that the complaint of us is also related to this case between the governments of Iran and Albania should be annexed and our complaint, which is now between the two governments of Iran and Albania, should be submitted to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the government of Albania should be held accountable for sheltering the leaders of the MEK in its territory.

The MEK has always spent its life in the gaps and conflicts between Iran and its enemies. There is a gap between the definitions between a liberation movement and terrorism! It is obvious that a group that has killed 17,000 Iranian people and has thousands of its members killed or tortured and imprisoned within the group is not a liberating organization.

The Albanian government is blamed for harboring terrorists. Masoud Rajavi, who escaped and if he is still alive, is in the rat hole, but Maryam Rajavi and the heads of the group, as the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization, which is a legal entity, should not travel freely between countries, international criminals should not travel freely, and the judges of the Hague Court should oblige the governments not to shelter terrorists, the Albanian government has no right either. If it tolerates the terrorists any more, the Albanian government has two options: either to expel or extradite the leaders of the MEK.

The heads of the Albanian government should be held accountable in the Hague court. They should be asked why they gave shelter to the terrorists? Those terrorists who are organized and conduct terrorist trainings in their organizations including bomb making and launching explosives in public places.

Some of these terrorists received political asylum and cannot be extradited or tried, although such people do not have the right to be members of a formerly terrorist designated organization. Giving shelter to a group of rebels with a violent background means that if an opportunity is provided, they will continue their terrorist acts again. Before granting asylum to asylum seekers, governments have been asked by the United Nations to ensure that these people have not been involved in committing terrorist acts, and after granting asylum, they must take care of the status of asylum seekers.

For these reasons, even their political asylum should be canceled, and granting the right of political asylum should not create immunity for terrorists to continue their terrorist acts. Violence in any form is prohibited, and the Albanian government has no right to support terrorists from its territory and openly endanger the interests of other countries.

The Albanian government seems to be indifferent to the actions of the MEK in its territory. The 1937 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Terrorism (1937 Geneva Convention) can be considered the first international convention on terrorism. This convention defines the act of terrorism as “criminal actions against a government with the aim of causing terror in certain individuals and groups or at the level of society.”

Conspiracy, incitement to commit a criminal act, incitement of people to do something, even if it is not successful, or voluntary participation and cooperation in criminal acts are among the things mentioned in this convention. The government of Albania allows the MEK to finance terrorists from the Albanian territory, now the government of Albania is accused of supporting a terrorist group.

The fact is that terrorism is one of the main threats to international peace and security. This action has a criminal aspect and cannot be justified in any way and under any circumstances.

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