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New information about the conspiracy to expel Bidi from Albania

Ehsan Bidi

The news obtained from Albania indicates that the security police of this country, without the involvement of the immigration police and Karreç refugee camp authorities, in an illegal action in collusion with a security diplomat at the Turkish embassy in Tirana named Hakan Başakçı, planned the illegal transfer of Ehsan Bidi.

Over the years, Ehsan Bidi was asked in Albania by the request of the traitor and criminal Maryam Rajavi under the pressure of the Albanian police to sign a paper according to which he apparently wants to return to Iran voluntarily and he will face all the hardships. And he refused to sign this paper.

Ehsan Bidi was imprisoned twice, each time for one year, and the third time, which led to his forced transfer, for six months in the so-called refugee camp, in the worst conditions, and finally he became a victim of the conspiracy of the Albanian security apparatus.

He was sent to Istanbul in collusion with the security officials of the Turkish Embassy in Tirana and from there he was forcibly sent to Iran without the knowledge of the Iranian diplomats in Turkey and without identification documents.

Ehsan Bidi had authentic Albanian identification documents, which can be seen in the picture below, an old example of which was found in the archives:

Ehsan Bidi Albanian Identification document

Ehsan Bidi Albanian Identification document

In this paper, Ehsan Bidi is introduced as a refugee. He had been staying in Albania for ten years, and his arrest without reason and without charge and deportation had no legal basis, neither in terms of Albanian nor international laws.
In response to his illegal action, the Albanian police claimed that Ehsan wanted to return to Iran. If so, why was he not allowed to at least say goodbye to his friends in Albania and inform them that he is going to Iran, and they sent him to Iran secretly and in collusion with the Turkish government?
The governments of Albania and Turkey must be held accountable for this illegal action that is against all international regulations.

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