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Sander Lleshaj Interior Minister must protect former MEK member in Albania

Albanian police are responsible for the security of Mr. Ehsan Bidi and other former MEK members in the country

Sander Lleshaj

Letter from “Mothers, the Forgotten Victims” to the Minister of Interior of the Albanian Government

Mr. SANDER LLESHAJ,  Albanian Minister of Interiors
Greetings and best regards,

Contradictory reports from Albania indicate that somehow the life of Mr. Ehsan Bidi, a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult), is in danger.

As you know, Maryam Rajavi has been deported from France and also has no right to enter the European Union. Attempts to obtain entry visas to the United States and the United Kingdom have so far been unsuccessful. She blames the former members, who have revealed the truth about the cult, and intends to take revenge on them.

We know that the internal situation of the Rajavi Cult is very bad and a large number of members want to separate, and the officials of the organization are trying to make the situation outside the MEK camp in Albania unsafe so that no one dares to leave.

In the past, Maryam Rajavi had conspired against Mr. Ehsan Bidi many times and tried to silence him, but she did not succeed. She has not given up her efforts against Mr. Bidi and continues her conspiracies, including giving false information to the police. Apparently, Mr. Ehsan Bidi has been transferred to an unknown location by the police.

On behalf of the suffering mothers of MEK members in Albania, I must inform you that in the current situation, we hold the Albanian government and the Albanian State Police responsible for safeguarding the security of Mr. Bidi and other former members of the Rajavi Cult in that country.

Soraya Abdollahi,
Mothers, the forgotten victims


General Director of Albanian State Police (ASP) Ardi Veliu
European and International organizations and the media

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