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Collusion Against Ehsan Bidi . Corrupt Albanian Officials And MEK

Collaboration between Corrupt elements in Albania’s government and the Rajavi Cult against former members and Ehsan Bidi

Iranian asylum seeker Ehsan Bidi has been in the custody of corrupt Albanian security officials since August of last year, without charge, without trial, without the right to visit, and in a completely illegal manner.
He was recently informed that he was to be released after a year. It was not clear why he was arrested, why he was released without charge or trial, and why he has been in prison for a year.
There was news from some people in the Albanian security apparatus that there was a conspiracy against Bidi. (Bidi is a former member of the MEK – aka Rajavi cult – which operates an extraterritorial, extrajudicial base inside Albania.) Since Ehsan Bidi had not complied with the demands of the security forces during this year, despite intense pressure, they had planned another project. Information emerged that they would first release him, then kidnap him and transfer him to an unknown location, and then express their ignorance about his fate after his release.
The involvement of the Rajavi terrorist cult, which is backed by some Western security services, became even more apparent in this criminal plot when a statement was issued by the so-called “Security and Counter-Terrorism Commission of the National Council of Resistance” on August 10, 2020.
The announcement states:
The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has placed its mercenaries under the control of former members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Orgnization (MEK) in two parts under the control of mercenaries Hassan Heyrani and Gholamreza Shokri. Another mercenary, Ehsan Bidi, who had been exposed in previous announcements by the Security and Counter-Terrorism Commission, has been under arrest in a closed camp for a year since August 2019. During this time he received money and facilities through other mercenaries.
It is also stated that:
Gjergji Thanasi and Olsi Yazejiare are in direct contact with mercenaries such as Hassan Heirani, and their café, Frank, is their hangout.

It turned out that the information received was completely correct and the Rajavi cult also tried to prevent any revelations and obstruction of its propaganda during the implementation of this conspiracy, by the former members and those who wish to help them.
In this regard, a campaign was launched in Europe and inside Albania, and letters from many members of the Albanian Parliament as well as representatives of the European Parliament were sent to the Albanian Interior Minister, warning of such a conspiracy. Many reporters told police they wanted to be with Ehsan Bidi when he was released.

Families and other former members also rallied in Britain, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and Turkey, and approached the Albanian embassies there to warn of the conspiracy, which is the work of the Rajavi cult’s ‘Terrorism and Counter-Security Commission’. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other human rights and international organizations also intervened.

Breath taking hours have passed in recent days. The Albanian government, which wants to join the European Union, was at a crossroads as to whether it could further undermine its record and standards by supporting a terrorist cult or choosing a principled approach to its future.
None of the Albanian government officials was held accountable for the large number of referrals and questions regarding Ehsan Bidi. Although he was released on paper, they did not actually release him, and reporters were constantly seeking news. The Rajavi cult was in dire need of not being forced to retreat in this case, so it was fully active with no place left to go.

Finally, on Thursday, August 13th, Ehsan was transferred to an unknown destination with four Arab refugees. In the face of the corrupt elements in the Albanian government and security apparatus, there were those who did not sell their honor and helped from a humane position, and were careful and provided the necessary information. At the risk of their position, these individuals refused to be complicit in the Albanian government’s corruption.
As we are already informed, they tried to smuggle him into Greece through a neutral non-residential area and leave him there, but the Greek authorities were immediately informed and they sent troops to close the area, resulting in Albanian agents leaving Ehsan Bidi without water and food in the same uninhabited area.
Informed UN officials immediately went to the scene and transferred Ehsan Bidi to a temporary location to ensure his minimum security. The response of the Albanian authorities to the multitude of questions is very interesting. They merely apologized and claimed innocence in front of international observers.
“I’m sorry, there was a mistake,” said a police official, “On the release form of Mr Ehsan Bidi was mistakenly written that he should be deported immediately instead of writing that he should be released immediately.”
The Rajavi cult, which was informed immediately about the case by the corrupt government elements, happily announced in one or two of paid for publications that “Ehsan Bidi has been expelled from Albania.”
More interestingly, the Albanian Interior Minister was completely embarrassed and blamed the Immigration Office, and of course the Immigration Office reacted that it was completely unaware of the matter and that the security officials and the police acted arbitrarily.

They are currently blocking interviews with Ehsan Bidi. But the ban will not last long, and the corrupt elements in the Albanian government, whose names and identities are well known, will finally be held accountable.

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