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Maryam Rajavi imagined Ehsan Bidi is a pushover

Ehsan Bidi

The complicity of corrupt elements of the security services, the Albanian government and the Rajavi terrorist cult with the intervention of the US embassy is not hidden from anyone. Iranian diplomats and journalists have been expelled from Albania for alleged security reasons, based on information given solely by the MEK. And this has become the sole propaganda platform of the Rajavi cult, for which Trump has expressed his satisfaction with the Albanian government.

Maryam Rajavi, who considered herself successful in carrying out such conspiracies and used this excuse to suppress dissidents in her organization and linked any criticism and opposition to her to the Ministry of Intelligence of Iran and security issues, this time created a plan for Ehsan Bidi, a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and an asylum seeker.

Corrupt elements in the Albanian security police, who easily covered up even the murders by the Rajavi cult in their third camp, this time, went to silence the voice of a former member who had made revelations and encouraged other dissident members to make revelations.

Ehsan Bidi left the MEK in Iraq about seven years ago and tried to reach Europe, where he was imprisoned in Egypt and finally entered Albania as a refugee with the intervention of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

In Albania, he endured all kinds of pressures, all of which originated from the Rajavi terrorist cult, and was even threatened and harassed by the mercenaries of the Rajavi cult, but he did not give up and was determined to expose the inhuman nature of Rajavi to everyone.

Finally, in August of last year, Ehsan Bidi, who had a ten-year residence permit as well as a work permit, was illegally arrested by corrupt elements in the security services and the Albanian government without charge. The aim was to expel him from Albania and send him to Iran, and an attempt was made to force Ehsan Bidi to sign such a request so that it could be done easily. But he was tough as nails and resisted.

Maryam Rajavi imagined that Ehsan Bidi was similar to an Iranian diplomat or journalist who could easily be framed and expelled from Albania by giving large bribes to corrupt elements and bringing the US embassy to the square and shouting victory.

Albania wants to join the European Union in order to solve its growing economic problems, and in return, the European Union wants the Albanian government to resolve the current corruption in the judiciary, the police and the government and to bring itself closer to the desired European standards.

A year passed and the issue of Ehsan Bidi was brought to the attention of many legal and human rights circles. The Rajavi cult could not carry out its conspiracy in this one case, and the task became much more difficult for them. The Albanian government was forced to withdraw due to considerations in Europe.

Ehsan Bidi is now free in Albania, and Albanian officials have apologized to him, but this is just the beginning. He will certainly speak more, in detail and at appropriate times. Of course, it goes without saying that the Rajavi cult was so sure of the work of the corrupt elements in the Albanian security apparatus that it published the news of Ehsan Bidi’s illegal expulsion from Albania and fed it to the paid media.

In addition to Mr. Ehsan Bidi and his unparalleled one-year resistance, thanks to political activist Mr. Olsi Yazeji, journalist Mr. Gjergji Thanasi, and lawyer Ms. Migena Balla, and many other Albanian politicians, journalists, and lawyers who have worked in this direction and of course, they were insulted, slandered and threatened by the Rajavi cult, as well as the former members’ activities in Albania and the families in Europe. Rajavi’s conspiracy could not have been thwarted without their tireless efforts.

BY Lawyer Ms. Atefeh Nadalian, Translated by Iran Interlink

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