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CEO of Nejat Society express gratitude to the authorities of the Albanian government

Ebrahim Khodabandeh

Ebrahim Khodabandeh, CEO of Nejat Society, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Albanian government officials in various separate letters addressed to a number of Albanian government authorities, which were delivered to each office in writing.

In these letters, the CEO of Nejat Society wrote:
“Through the former members of the MEK in the Nejat Society of Albania, I found out that in many cases they have been supported by the authorities and received efficient and effective guidance. They have been satisfied and acknowledged that their rights have been fully respected and the right path has always been shown to them. They have always felt secure and supported in their meetings and have gained moral strength.”

It is also stated in these letters that:
“Recently, the members of the Nejat Society of Albania had problems and, in this regard, they asked for help. Then the authorities of the Albanian government intervened and solved their problems, and acted upon the request of the members of the Nejat Society of Albania. According to the reports received from the members of our Society in Albania, they have been helped every time they have approached the authorities of the Albanian government and asked for help.”

In these letters, it is also mentioned that the police officials helped Mr. Bijar Rahimi and Ali Asghar Zamani when they escaped from the MEK camp and introduced themselves to the police station, and the police officials gave them a sense of security and peace, and the effects of the lies of the leaders of the MEK have been neutralized in their minds. When they went to the police station, contrary to their expectations, they found that they were welcomed and they were assured that there would be no threats against them.

Khodabandeh also wrote about the activities of former members in Albania:
“Former members of the MEK in Albania intend to give wider and more serious dimensions to their human rights activities in relation to reaching the demands of the families in close contact with the Nejat Society, and their confidence in the support of the Albanian government authorities has encouraged them.”

Ebrahim Khodabandeh has mentioned in a part of his detailed letters that:
“Regarding the MEK, it should be mentioned that during the past 7 years, I had explained the cultic and anti-human nature of this organization in numerous letters to the Albanian government officials. The MEK has always become a national security problem for the host country. The MEK acts against the highest national interests of the Iranian people, but it has been proven over the years that these actions have always been against the national interests of the host country too.”

At the end of his letters, the CEO of Nejat Society mentioned that:
“The Nejat Society is deeply grateful to the authorities of the Albanian government for these helps and guidance. I hope one day I will be able to express the gratitude of the families and former members to you and your colleagues. I would also like to come to your country and share my decades of experience with the MEK to you, the government and the people of Albania.”

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