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Iraqi Tribal Leaders: Expel the MKO

More than 600 Iraqi tribal leaders asked for the expulsion of MKO elements from their country.

In the final statement of "Iraqi Tribes’ Broad Meeting", Iraqi tribes- comprising 85 percent of the social context- stressed the need for the expulsion of terrorist MKO from Iraq for the sake of establishing peace and security in the country.

The 20th article of the final statement emphasizes that Iraqi tribes want the expulsion of all foreign organizations that promote and support terrorism in the country.

Earlier, the government of Nouri al-Maliki decided about the expulsion of MKO as disruptor of security and creator of chaos in Iraq.

Former "Iraqi Governing Council" had also ordered the expulsion of MKO elements from Iraq, but the US forces didn’t allow it happen.

Iraq Alghad newspaper quoted Sheikh Saami Ezareh, the head of the "Committee of National Unity of Iraqi Tribes" saying about the statement: "The statement has 21 articles that urge support for Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki’s efforts of on dialogue with interested groups".

"Besides, it stresses the need for conducting Mr. Maliki’s plan for not giving shelter to terrorists who damaged Iraqi citizens," he added.

This conference was held on Saturday and a number of Iraqi officials including Iraqi PM, the head of Parliament and ministers participated in it."

Iran Didban – 2006/08/29

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